Monday, September 21, 2009

BoBunny Kitchen Spice Oven Mitt Envelope

Kitchen Spice Oven Mitt Envelope and Recipe Cards

This project provides a unique presentation in offering family favorite recipes as a gift – great for a new bride, house-warming gift, or sharing your favorite recipes with friends and family. BoBunny recipe cards are two-sided – be sure to share the history of the recipe or why it is a favorite for an extra personal touch.

BoBunny products used:

Kitchen Spice Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Decaf Double Dot cardstock, Recipe Card Cut Outs, Button, Harvest 3/8” ribbon,; Gypsy Heart & Homey Cardstock Sticker
Other: DMC floss, thread, Colorbox chalk ink, Sakura Souffle pen

How to:
1. Create an oven mitt pattern large enough to contain recipe cards, or download image available below this post. Use pattern piece to cut shape from Kitchen Spice Cinnamon and Nutmeg papers. If planning to sew, it is important to attach embellishments prior to stitching mitt shapes together.

2. To create home medallion – place sticker from Gypsy onto Decaf Double Dot Cardstock, cut circle shape allowing space for writing. Use Souffle or other pen to write “Recipes from our kitchen to your kitchen”. Stitch or adhere to Cinnamon mitt. Adhere “Favorites” from Kitchen Spice cut outs.

3. Cut tab closure from scrap piece of Cinnamon, approx. 2” x ¾” – trimming one end to a point. Stitch to the center of “mitt opening” on Nutmeg mitt shape. Note that lace cuff will cover tab stitching. Faux stitch on tab working closure if desired.

4. Also on Nutmeg paper stitch piece of ribbon to corner opposite thumb.
5. Stitch two mitt shapes together, allowing 1/8” seam. If desired use micro tip scissors to fringe, cutting in to seam line. Ink edges, distress.
6. To create lace cuff trim 12” x ¾” strip from Ginger patterned paper. Trim same of Decaf Double Dot cardstock, use border punch on cardstock.
7. Stitch two strips together, or adhere. Stitch along top edge of Ginger if desired– solely for looks.
8. Wrap cuff around open end of mitt, overlapping approx. ¾” – trim off excess. Adhere.
9. Thread floss through button and tie into a bow, adhere to tab. Add Velcro dot sticker to underside of tab, along with matching piece to line up onto mitt cuff.
10. Use computer or hand-write recipes onto cards, tuck inside envelope and secure closure.

Thanks for checking out my oven mitt envelope! I was finishing up the easel and recipe cards when I had a "eureka!" moment to create the mitt. I considered making a wrap to hold the cards together for gift presentation, but then the mitt idea popped into my head and it was a whole lot more fun, IMO! (LOL)

Tomorrow's project will be the third in this series - tips on creating a cinnamon candle wrap. I do hope you come by again!


Fiorella said...

Great project! I loveit. Thank you so much
Hugs from Italy

Hollis said...

Wow! RITA THIS IS SO COOL! Thanks for sharing and for the great instructions and template.


Dawne Carlisle said...

What a fantastic idea... Thanks for the template and tutorial!