Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tool Time with BoB Grease Monkey

Toolin' Around Time - when my hubby gets a breather, and it is not very often, he really enjoys spending time in his woodworking shop. I guess we both have creative spirits- he enjoys making things with wood, and I enjoy creating with paper and all that fun stuff. We're both a bit on the messy side, as well, when we create - both focused so much on our projects that we never quite get things put away, so our work spaces are never as organized as we would like. Or if we do organize, it never seems to last long.

For our long Labor Day weekend we visited Jesse's sister and our little Godson, Jed, back in Wisconsin from Pennsylvania. We had a nice visit on Saturday - Jed is getting so big! Sunday we went to my folks place, as well as my brother Paul, to visit and have an early birthday gathering for my dad. A little bit here and there, in between loads of laundry, I managed to scrap a little. Jesse actually woodworked quite a bit - and I am anxious to see how he is doing with the organizer he is making me, but I have been sworn off limits to the shed.

I finished one assignment for BoBunny, and while I was working on it my eyes kept darting to a photo, papers and Magistical Memories chipboard I had had set aside before being welcomed on the team. Late Sunday night I decided to take a break and put my simple one pager together. A few simple cuts in this BoBunny Grease Monkey paper allowed me to tuck my photo in. You can't see it, but underneath the photo is a circle cut out where I cut out the gear that is attached to the Magistical Memories gear. When I am creating, I always assess what is underneath a large piece of paper or photo, and if I can cut out a pattern or shape to be used on another project or elsewhere on the very same layout, I do. Call me frugal, but who doesn't want to stretch their dollar a bit these days?

The Magistical Memories hammer really makes this layout. I covered the hammer handle with BoBunny green paper that had a sporadic grid design, and used the lines as a guide for my journaling. The hammer head was painted with a base coat of black acrylic, a crackle medium was applied, and then I topped it with a metallic silver paint. I used the bit of leftover paint to "smear" onto the gear shape, allowing raw chipboard to mingle with black and silver for a distressed look.

I know many of my friends reading this blog scrapbook. So while you are doing that - what does your other half do, providing you have one. (Or hey, what does your cat do - paw for attention!) (LOL) Do they have their own hobby, watch football, go fishing? I think it works out well when a couple both have hobby that allows each to be doing, and not feeling guilty about neglecting the other. Have you created a page to tell others of your hobbies? Maybe you have a shared interest, maybe you each go it alone -whichever, hobbies are a part of who we are. Be sure to preserve those memories as well.

I look forward to the reveal for a rare 2 pager coming up using BoBunny's Gypsy line - MAN that paper is GORGEOUS!! My family doesn't seem to mind me talking about Bobunny (yet)... Saturday I was excited about something...don't recall what it was exactly, but Abby says, "What is it mom - the Bunny again?"

Too funny - BoBunny is now The Bunny around here...and if any of you are Vegi Tale fans Abby and I tend to be singing "The Bunny, the bunny, oooh I ate the bunny..." song quite a bit as of late! :dancer:


~Christina~ said...

WOW!!! Loving the creativity!! Fabulous!!

Tifany said...

Cute page!

Thanks for your comment on my {aqua challenge} frame on the Bo Bunny blog. I actually didn't use quilling...I just played around with the paper until I got something that looked like a flower. I have never tried it - I have thought about it...but who needs another hobby???


Dawne Carlisle said...

Wonderful "guy" layout Rita! I agree - it's good for the men to have a hobby too!