Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Brisk - Fall is in the Air!

Does your family have any back to school traditions? For the past 3-4 years Jesse and I always take off from work on the last day before school begins. Since we've never taken a summer vacation with the kids, it is the least we can do before the break is officially over. We take a day trip, and get back in to town in time to take the school supplies over, meet the teacher, and of course get a photo.

This past Monday we went to Governor Dodge State Park. I have not been there since I was a kid myself, and a group of us were riding our horses. There are places you cannot go on horseback, such as the trail along the edge of the creek and Stephen Falls. It is a spectacular spot!

We took Kyle's friend Jordan along, who had never really gone on a nature hike before. He was so amazed by the pretty wildflowers being worked hard by the bees, the small wildlife, was appreciative just to be out enjoying the natural beauty of the world. At long last - God blessed me (and all of us!) with my first sighting of a Pileated Woodpecker. This bird is the size of a crow, and although a ways off on a snag, the binoculars helped define the red on his head and black and white bars on his back. Ah yes... memories of Woody Woodpecker cartoons now dance in my head! (LOL)
We also saw a red fox along side the road heading home - about 3 in the afternoon. His coat looked healthy so perhaps a younger kit that has not yet figured out the more safe times of the day to venture out of hiding. It sure was beautiful, and fortunatey all the kids were able to see it. Kyle and Jordan did some climbing along the rocks, they made us a bit nervous...we made them come down as we had no cell and sure were remote. However, there was one larger rock that was easy enough access - Jesse had to really reach to put Abby up there between the boys - but they managed and I took a shot of the three of them. Speaking of threes...I told Jordan's mom we may borrow him for all our trips - our backseat has not been so peaceful in four years! What a most pleasant day!

The creek that the falls run into had quite a few frogs hiding in its bottom. The poor the boys walked on rocks, rocking them under their weight - frogs would dart out into the water to escape-and man, was that water cold! In one section the cliff overhangs quite deeply and forms a cavern. Jordan found a frog that was so cold he was able to catch it. I love frogs - personally, I think they are cute. This has the BoBunny U Bug Me line written all over it! Looking forward to scrapbooking my photos.

And then we proceed to 9/1/2009 - the first day of school. Kyle is walking to school since the middle school is closer to home. He and a friend meet up along the way.

This is my best photo of Kyle on the first day of school. He did appease me and quickly looked over his shoulder as he walked down the road - but that shot is blurry - no wonder, as I was trying to walk and shoot at the same time to get closer as he was in a hurry. Oh well...6th grade boys, hoods up, backs to me... I believe that from now on getting nice facial shots of our son is going to be more and more challenging.

Abby however...

She was quite happy to pose in her new top, vest and scarf ensemble for the first day of school. I managed quite a few photos and took her pic by the school sign (after school hours) so we can watch her grow through the years.

It's been a fun couple of days. Monday I took 305 photos, and even with an uncooperative son, managed 136 on the first day of school. Many are blurry of course, and getting trashed right away.

Now that the kids are off to school it is time to dig out my gloves. I rode my bike to work and almost froze my hands - it's a brisk 42-45 degrees here in the morning. In the past I could always count on summer clothes working for the first couple of weeks in September, but not this year! I have 6 pr. pants to hem for Abby and Kyle seems to be avoiding his new jeans. Tomorrow I am forcing him to wear them - as the comfy flannel lined sport pants he has worn the past two days are in dire need of washing. Tonight, however, is Jesse's birthday, and washing clothes is not on my to do list.

Fall is here - I love this time of year. BoBunny's new Gypsy line is especially going to be perfect for so many of my fall photos. I love scrapbooking the memories made during this season. Enjoy your creative journey!


Dawne Carlisle said...

Love the Back to school photos - even the one of Kyle from behind because it tells the story of him growing up! Great nature photos too!

~Christina~ said...

Oh what a nice tradition. Your family and photos are beautiful.