Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I know, I know. I realize you may have hopped him from the BoB blog expecting to see more details and tips for a layout called WAITING.

Well, I am waiting. I am waiting for everything to get back up and running. Our new PC arrived this weekend after a LOOOONG wait! We're ecstatic. But the transition is not going real smooth. We needed to get some extra parts/portals for the new PC to adapt it to some of our existing equipment. And the old PC is not trying to win us any favors - continuing to lock up, which makes getting all the data over to the new a bit of a challenge. We wait, a LOT!

I am making it a priority to get my BoBunny projects transferred to the new PC - hopefully this evening. So I can share with you here. If you are waiting - please come back and visit in a few. Thanks for understanding!

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