Monday, October 5, 2009

Recycling Restaurant Coasters

Just thought I would share one of the quickie projects I accomplished this weekend... recycling coasters from Chili's or such. I have had them a while, and I can't recall exactly the restaurant chain -but I really like the ample 3.5x5" size. This is the little project I made for my friend Marv to display a quote he really likes. Quite simple -papers left from a Crossed Paths mfr. gig were perfect. Because the papers required such little effort on my part, this probably took all of 10 minutes.

On the back side I included a recent photo of Marv and his beautiful wife Carol on a recent walk along paths by the Memorial Union in downtown Madison. It was a wonderful day - sharing God's beautiful creations with this couple and with my family. Marv was feeling better then - this was end of August as all the students had not yet arrived back on campus.

For those of you praying for Marv (and I know many of my friends are), sharing this projects allows you a visual of the man we love so dearly. Also, my uncle David begins chemo tomorrow for prostrate cancer - please keep him in your prayers. I am seriously contemplating tube feeding my husband cranberry juice.(LOL) I know it is supposed to be especially beneficial to men - why does it have to be so tart? I personally don't groove on it, but mixed with apple or raspberry it is pretty good. I may have to start drinking the real thing if that is what it would take to get my hubby to start drinking it. When I see loved ones suffering from this disease it just makes me want to do what I can to prevent it, if possible, from others that I love. I really do appreciate your prayers - there is power in the numbers. May it all be for His glory.

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Dawne Carlisle said...

Thank you for sharing the project Rita - love seeing the picture of Marv & Carol so I can "see" who I've been praying for! Also praying for David!

BTW... throw a splash of Sprite into that Cranberry Juice and they will think it's wonderful!