Thursday, October 29, 2009

Colors of Fall

Do you recognize this berry? If you do, please tell me what it is. Jesse and I hiked and birdwatched along the Wisconsin River last week. When I came upon a stand of these berries, the color screamed to be photographed. A stand is a literal description. They were not growing on a bush, but rather sticks growing up out of the ground in little clusters. A little stand here and a little stand there. No leaves remained to be used for identification.
I've heard people talk about how pretty bittersweet is, and how they pick it along the roadsides in the fall. Might this be it? I certainly don't recall seeing this in the ditches around here.
I look forward to scrapping this photo. I am trying to whip out a few more challenges for A Cherry on Top. The color challenge is to use only burnt orange and burgundy, plus neutrals, in a layout - I think this photo will do nicely, along some wonder papers from BoBunny's Gypsy or Kitchen Spice lines.
Enjoy your Thursday - the weekend is almost here!
ADD ON: Did some research on the PC this next night and have learned a lot about Bittersweet. I am concluding that the photo above is the American Bittersweet, native to the U.S. and becoming quite rare. It is gorgeous, too bad the invasive species are causing its demise. I feel fortunate to have found some. You can learn more about the good, the bad, and the poisonous in this article:

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