Sunday, August 22, 2010

Round 2 - Shop Eyeglasses w/ Me!

Thanks for everyone's input so far ....I really never thought about glasses being too wide for my face until most of you mentioned it. Honestly have never ever used the word "thin" to describe my face personally - I have chubby cheeks - the two don't jive! (LOL)
OK - I feel brave for posting this little side profile...really makes my Italian nose stand OUT. Just wanted to show you the cool side scroll work on the #12 pair of glasses.
Below is another round of photos, of which I will start out with #6 -which won round #1 and was my favorite as well. Six more pair added -these shots taken at Shopko and Eyemart Express.

Following pairs found at Shopko - which had a good selection.

Geoffrey Beane

Geoffrey Beane 2 (rhinestones on the sides)

Sorry -another 8. Plz refer to as "8 Liz"

Some of you preferred the pair in round one with no frame at bottom.

Last two below are at Eyemart Express.

Thanks for coming along with my on my eyewear shopping excursion. It is always so nice to have the help of friends when making such a decision. These frames will have to last me, at minimum, two years. Which means the style needs to last that long...if only one could forecast future trends. Please comment below with your vote. I apologize for having two #8s, but I am out of time to open all my photos and re-edit in PS again.


carepunches said...

8 liz!!!!! :)

Lynne Hill said...

I still like the 1st pair (#6), but I do like the 8liz. Some of the frames do overwhelm your face.