Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yellow, Gray and what...?

I think I am almost out of yellow and gray in my stash. (LOL) Cath Evaldson posted a FB challenge to use yellow and gray for a project, so I pulled out everything I could find in that scheme - not a whole lot in my stash.

However, the first LO I created is primarily yellow and gray with a few accents of red. I created it for the ACOT Journaling Contest, but once done I really liked it - it uses unconventional project and is really about the times we are living in. So rather than share it on line I decided to send it to Memory Makers Skylimit open submission - and of course they only accept unseen work. Of course I am:

But if one doesn't dream life would be dull, right? Seriously, if MM likes it they have to respond in 48 hrs as I am for sure posting it to ACOT, and I already submitted it to some other magazines as well. Fat chance anyone will bite on it, which means I can share with all of you soon.

As soon as I finished Cath's challenge a similar color scheme challenge was posted at Scrap4Life - using yellow, gray and pink. Whoa...I still had product out and dug a little deeper into my Basic Grey stash. How ancient is some of the papers in "Dream Big" eh? I stayed up WAY too late - 1 a.m. to get this challenge done. The hardest part of my new job will be changing my late night scrapping habit. I love to scrap in the quiet of the night, and never feel tired as long as the mojo is flowing. BUT I will need to be sharp at my new job so I can learn, thus I think I will be going through creative withdrawal. I don't dare start a project at 9 pm as time just flies away unnoticed when I am creating.

I also made to cute cards with the yellow and gray combo - will save them for tomorrow so you less to read today, and I have something to post tomorrow. Thanks for coming by!

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