Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Day on the New Job!

I haven't had a chance to email everyone so thought I would post a job update here first. My first day on the new job went well, although somewhat uninteresting. The gal at St Louis HQ had written down that I start on Weds. so I was not yet entered in the system to have access. I did lots of drawer cleaning (as in sort small and large paperclips) LOL, dusted nuks and crannies on my paper trays - that kind of stuff. While doing all this I rather realized where Kyle gets that OCD from...(LOL)

Once I have access tomorrow I can begin my on-line training. Keith (the Financial Advisor I work with) sent me home at 3. We chatted earlier in the morning and it turns out I did not have to cancel the every other Friday morning bible study group I led at the coffeehouse. I met with some gals from 8:30-9:30 - and he said I could have just come in later on those Fridays. Go figure... not paid of course, but the fact that he was that flexible. I already rescheduled the group to a Thursday evening, but will still meet our daycare person/one of my very good friends, probably once a month as Friday is the only day she doesn't watch kids and was available.

I suspect I am going to love my job and it is going to be one of the best things that has happened to me - good pay, excellent benefits, understanding and flexible boss, kids can come hang out and visit me... totally loved being able to "run" home to snag a book to read when it was obvious the day was going to be slow. I think this is my payback for being very tolerant and enduring the less desireable aspects of my last two jobs. (LOL)

No art to share today - just wanted to post before going to bed. The greatest adjustment may be the less than an hour on the home PC each day. Wow!

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