Friday, February 13, 2009

Enough....Unconventional...Eye Candy

What do those three words have in common? Nothing, other than they are used somewhere in this blog post. (LOL)

Today's shared creation was inspired by a song called "Enough", which I hope you will listen to while reading this blog. (Please click on the Chris Tomlin track #2 in the right sidebar.) It is a powerful song to remind us that through our trials and tribulations, through times of despair and feelings of hopelessness, God is ENOUGH, and He will provide for our needs.

I created this layout for the Journaling Contest at ACOT. So, of course I have to share the journaling with you:
On January 16th my position at the store was eliminated due to declining sales. The owner had no other option, but to eliminate management from the payroll; I actually felt worse for her than myself. I had a sense of peace, and thought, “if this is happening God must have a reason - He is in control.”
The second week into my job search Jesse and I sat down to make out a grocery list. We discussed foods that could make a meal to last days. We dug deep into the pantry and cupboards to see what we had that could stretch the grocery dollar - we had to give serious thought on how to make ends meet should we have to make it on one income. The next day we sang "Enough" during worship, and the words spoke to my heart. Yes, our food might become rationed, we might end up eating PBJs, but no matter - God is more than ENOUGH and He satisfies every need. “Enough” is about TRUST, and the lyrics were a reminder to trust the Provider through all trials. As I sang, much of it through tears, I felt so blessed to feel and know God's presence in my life. He is and will be more than...

The layout itself is a hybrid. I used Photoshop to add grunge overlays to the photo and mat. The overlay, designed by Kara Jones at Kjoi Studios, had a yellow overlay placed on top, and the design itself was flipped to create a torn/distressed frame around the photo. I also used the original black grunge overlay to add texture to the photo mat and carry over onto the photo. The stressed image is a reflection of the stressed time that this layout represents.

I had actually been considering doing this layout in grays and black to reflect the feelings of the journaling, and adding a bright splash of color to represent the HOPE we have in Jesus Christ. When Cath Evaldson issued a challenge this past week "dreaming in gray and yellow", it was all I needed to drop everything and get this layout created, which has been on my mind for several weeks.

There is symbolism throughout this layout.

The bird which reminds me of the passage in Matthew 6 where God tells us not to worry about what we will eat or what we will wear. He feeds the birds of the air, and are we not more important than they? I even added a feather, courtesy of our lovebird, as a reminder of the passage where God knows the number of hairs on our head, and He keeps His eye on the sparrow.

There is a family of four created with Magistical Memories Potty People, representing four mouths to feed.

I rummaged through our cupboards, much like we did a few weeks ago, seeking box labels sporting yellow, and a bread bag tag in yellow to date the layout. Ohter unconventional items include a grocery receipt and expired coupon.

And just in case you don't have ENOUGH stuff...check out Melissa's blog. She is sharing great eye candy made with new DCWV and has a great giveaway. Be sure to check in by Feb. 19th for a chance to win!

In these hard economic times I know we are all thinking twice about using our stash. This layout sports some pretty old papers. Note the KI Memories from several years ago, Scenic Route that is so old I don't even know when Scenic Route paper ever looked like that (the sun design paper), and some scraps of the newer Basic Grey release from last year. If times are tough and you cannot afford new scrap supplies...look through your stash. You will be amazed how you can make the old look fresh and new again by mixing and cutting it up!

Enjoy the journey...and remember that God is enough for every thirst, every need, He satisfies...

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