Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Talks

Wow -feel like the weekend was too short! I have two more nights later this coming week to work at the LSS. Here are some key things I learned working in retail these past 6 months.
- DO be kind to the person behind the counter, they are doing their best.
- If a cashier doesn't make eye contact or chat, maybe they have a really bad cold or are not feeling well, but had no choice but to show up for work - give them the benefit of doubt
- DO NOT cruise into the store minutes before closing and stay past closing - retail workers have families, too - and many have little ones who are trying to stay awake until mommy or daddy comes home
- If you try on clothes, don't leave a changing stall full of unhung clothing - how would you like to be the person who has to clean up after one person after another?
- If you shop with your small child, put them in a shopping cart in order to keep tabs on them, and prevent them from pulling items off the shelf - children can injure themselves easily
- If you have been given the wrong change and know it - be honest (remember God sees everything)
- If you really like your store and want it to remain in business, do not shoplift. Likely products most often shoplifted will no longer be carried in the store, and if it becomes too bad the store may just have to close. NEVER think "I am the only person doing it" - shoplifting is really a common thing - which is shocking (did I mention God sees everything?)

I have also learned that:
- people who love to papercraft are a delight to work with and a delight to serve as they enter the store.
- nothing is better than inspiring the mojo of others and helping them come up with a project plan
- Talking about scrapbooking...what could be better?

Today's layout is not new (featuring Around the Block papers) - but as we near Valentine's I am reflecting on things I love most. For me, chatting with my daughter is high on my list. This layout is about enjoying the conversations I have with my daughter, in this case as her chaperone from pre-school. Transporting kids to and from activities is a great time to talk, and connect as a parent. I treasure these conversations, and hope to have many more "sweet talks" with my daughter. Enjoy your journey - even if it is in large part spent on the road as a chaperone. Talk to those sharing the ride, and if you are alone, "turn up the music" and learn how to live.

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