Monday, February 16, 2009

Digi Share Time

Woo hoo! Managed to whip out two digi layouts this evening to complete my February CT assignments for Kjoi Studios. I used Lori Imel's – Be in Prayer Collection from Kjoi Studio, as well as a few extra digi elements from Kjoi and Faithsisters designers.

It feels good to have this off my to do list, as I am about ready to BURST forth into a new career on Tuesday as an Edward Jones Branch Office Administrator. I am excited to begin yet another new career, excited to meet new people, and EXCITED to be home with my family on weeknights and weekends!

Here is another layout featuring a scene from a favorite park Jesse and I like to visit on our anniversary day out in October. Each year we take a day off to celebrate our anniversary while the kids are in school. If it is nice we go hiking and enjoy the fall views. Brigham Park is almost always a stop. From a bench, just beyond these trees, we typically can watch bluebirds flitting around on a farm field fence below. It is also a great place to lay on the ground and try to catch that leaf falling in mid air on the camera...have not yet been successful, but someday! (LOL)

Have you created a layout of your favorite place to go, either alone or with a friend or family member? I would love to see it - please share a link in the comment section below.

Tomorrow is President's Day. I am off as the office is closed on this holiday. I am thrilled not to have to go into Madison to shop for pants for our growing boy. My good friend Brenda dropped off a large bag of pants this evening containing size 14 slim, or adjustable, pants and jeans! What a help!! A trip to the chiropractor in early morning to ensure my back is up to my new job (sitting at a desk can really take a toll if I am not conscience of posture) - a couple of spasms this past week has me wanting to nip things in the bud as I don't feel I can take time off for appointments once at a new job.

I hope to get a lot accomplished on Monday, and need to gather up my papers and such to report to work Tuesday. I also have a lot of cardstock scraps to file and ensure my workspace is cleared off. I need to try to do a better job of cleaning as I go so that my space is ready for creating when I have a moment of time.

Lincoln is still my favorite president of all time. The more I learn about the man the more I wish he were president right now. (LOL) Happy President's Day - and remember to find joy in the journey!

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