Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Little Bit Larger Now!!

Ya know...what a little tease that scanned magazine page was in my last post - my apologies. If you have eyes like me, you probably have a hard time making out the image on the kite layout below, so I decided I would be generous with less than 20/20 vision viewers and show a larger image of my Scrapbooks, Etc. "debut". (LOL)
The photos are rather old, seeing as how our daughter is now 5, and don't forget that half! Very important to a young lady to add on that half year to her age. Just wait until she is mine - she will want to deduct those 6 months! When I took this photo of the butterfly kite we were flying I knew right away I would want to do a tiled look to mimic the stained glass pattern of the kite itself. Rather than split my photo up, I simply cut a frame from black cardstock. It reminds me of the attic windows quilts I used to enjoy making.
Today the talented and inspiring Julie Overby has tagged my blog. I admit, a lot of times I do not have the time to carry through on a tag, and I apologize to anyone whose tag I did not pursue. Julie has made this easy on me, asking only for 7 random facts. That is doable, and here they are!
1. I pray a lot and try to stay focused on Jesus.
2. God has blessed me with a tremendous family.
3. I love circles and curves - absolute elements in my layouts.
4. Julie introduced me to Fiskateer-dom and I am number 2490!
5. I was a writer long before I scrapbooked (especially poetry)
6. Always dark chocolate
7. This is my favorite number!

Without further tag list - 7 bloggers that I hope will share 7 random facts about themselves are:
Kitty (cuz we need more pickle juice!)

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Mique Walcutt said...

Rita... took your tag!!! Here are my 7 random facts... and also passed the tag on to 7 other unsuspecting blog friends - LOL!

1. I am a technology geek and work as a Software Release Manager for a major PC company by day

2. I have 4 wonderful children - 3 boys and 1 girl

3. Yes - the hair color is natural!

4. Photography was my first love

5. My husband is my soul-mate; we met 21 years ago and we fell in love the first time we talked

6. I am a Michigan Wolverines fan

7. I do my best to let the Lord lead my path in life