Sunday, March 9, 2008

FLY'in High - What a SB Etc. Surprise!!

Does this count?? I had a few goals for 2007, one of which was not attained. That goal was to be published in Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. Let's face it - for me, it is a "tough egg to crack." Seldom are there any open calls (or if there are I don't hear about them). Once in a while I will complete what I feel is a pretty awesome page, so I will submit it as a general - never to hear a peep. Oh least I tried! (LOL)
2007 overall was a great publication year for me - God is and continues to be good! Still, in my PC file folder where I place all my published works (purely so I don't make the mistake of resubmitting them) - one sub-folder remains empty. Scrapbooks, Etc. I love the magazine, so of course I am not giving up and made it a goal once again for 2008.
It has been a very busy, busy weekend. I spent 3 hours with Abby at the WalMart on Saturday shopping for household basics, looking for shoes and boots for the kids without success, checking things off a list that had grown in the past two months since we began writing it out. I did not plan to spend my entire Sat. morn shopping. Jesse figured we stopped at a scrapbook store for sure -once Abby mentioned she had new stickers. But NOPE! Had to peek in the craft department hoping to find a new kid project deal (and yes, no SB deals that interested me either). We got home, made us some lunch, finished a mock up of a prayer journal due for display at church today (for a class I am teaching there soon), and finally got back to working on taxes at 4 pm. Five hours later I had everything completed, but for the data entry part into an Excel spread sheet.
This means my Sunday, which I try very hard to keep as a day of rest and fun, was spent almost entirely doing laundry. I was gone last Saturday for Fiskars demonstrator laundry was REALLY behind. Finally today, after supper, I was able to RELAX and peruse the April issue of Scrapbooks, Etc., which I believe arrived a week ago. Typically I browse the table of contents and go right to the topic that interests me most. But tonight I just started at the beginning. Nonchalantly turning pages, and sipping my re-warmed coffee that I never had time to finish on Sunday morning. I yelled "WOW!!!!" and my family just looked at me blankly. Then I pointed to the magazine and a little thumbnail of a layout - it was MINE!! Woo hoo! I was stoked! Granted, this may not count as an official pub... it is simply shared in the "from the web gallery" portion of the feedback column - but none the less - I have a layout, be it ever so small, in Scrapbooks, Etc.
So hey, should my 2008 goal not come to pass officially - I am ok with that. I will take whatever the Lord wishes to give me, and accept it with gratitude and praise. I know that all things, all desires, all wants - come in His perfect timing, and He also knows what is best for me.
All I know is that on this Sunday, as I had fun giving Abby her bath, as Kyle and I had some great laughs as I cut his hair (you had to be here to understand), and as the four of us snuggled on the couch to watch a re-run episode of Mr. Ed (d0 any of you actually remember the talking horse show from the 60's-70's?) before the kid's bedtime, is that God has truly filled my life with blessings. Each and every day I am becoming more aware of His blessings, whether it be a small thumbnail on page 10, or the huge feeling of love and togetherness that fills my heart as I journey with my family along that pathway to heaven.


Julie O. said...

Oh my goodness! I can just see ya 'spittin' your coffee out over that one! LOL! How very exciting. It DEFINITELY counts! What a fabulous layout too. CONGRATS!!

Cheryl Waters said...

Well how exciting is this Rita! Congratulations. What a total blessing! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Thank you Lord for your many blessings including Rita!

Julie O. said...

Hey Rita....'ve been tagged!!!!

Rebecca H. said...

huge congrats on your thumbnail! lol! i totally absolutely counts! your work is always inspiring! i love your ventures in digital, btw!