Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Artist's Prayer

It's been a busy week -trying to get everything ready for the accountant. Tax time...I never look forward to this time of year because it takes me away from creating. After each tax season I vow to be more organized and log receipts throughout the year, but that never happens guessed it - I just can't pull myself away from the creative process. I am such a left brainer...well, I am organized in many other areas...guess it is just numbers/accounting - that type of thing. So although the right side of my brain functions fine, I guess I am just happiest using my left brain! (LOL)
I want to share the inside of my leather journal, as promised in my last post. I simply covered the chipboard jacket with scraps of Fancy Pants papers I already had. I also meditated upon God's word and the gifts He has given me. I have been reading the book of Mark for my Wednesday night women's bible study. What I see happening throughout, as Jesus gets nearer to the cross, is pride. Pride in the chosen disciples as they argue who will be seated at Jesus' right hand. Pride in the pharisees as they manipulate the Law for their own purpose. Pride occurs time and time again. It seems like the characters in the Bible have blindfolds on, and cannot see Jesus for who he is. In contrast, we have the blind man, healed by the Messiah, who recognized Jesus as he walked near him. This man did not need vision to know who Jesus really was, and he had complete trust and faith in his power. The passages in Mark have caused me to take a look at my inner-self. I fear pride. I fear it will cause me to not give glory to God in all things. I fear it will trip me up as I journey here on earth with hopes to finish the race in the victory of the eternal kingdom. As I experience modest success with my scrapbooking endeavors, I want to be certain that I give God the glory in every aspect. I have more thoughts on this, but I know I would ramble until this entry became much too long. Instead, I just want to share a prayer I wrote. I printed it on cardstock adhered to the backside of my chipboard cover. Each time I make an entry in my journal for a layout sketch, idea note or written journaling - I will see this prayer. I will read it and it will remind me from whom the creative mojo comes - and to Him shall be the glory for any success I may have.

“For you created my inmost being...” Psalm 139:13a

An Artist’s Prayer
God the creator of all things,
Who designed all things,
Whose word is written for my heart...
May I always acknowledge
Your creation, and the creativity
in me that comes from You.
May I always see Your design,
and give glory to the designs that
come forth from me because of You.
May Your word speak to my heart
so that I may write words that
bear fruit and give testimony
to all that You have done for me.
May You continue to inspire me,
and I pray that I remain humble as
you use me for Your divine purpose.

If you are a fellow believer and are experiencing success in your life, I pray that you will also recognize from Whom your blessings come. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that God is to be praised beyond all others, and most of all, instead of self. Humility is a difficult robe to wear when one experiences success, but in my desire to be more like Him, and I pray that pride never causes me to fall.

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