Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Crash, shatter, what a mess!

Who would have thought it would take me weeks to finally be able to log back in to my blog - and not from lack of trying! I think the problem might lie in an old email address floating around out there, and any attempts at seeking help were probably sent to an email that wouldn't deliver. After much poking, prodding and retyping possible user names and passwords over and over I am finally here! Now I feel too exhausted to blog. (LOL)

In attempt to move a shelving unit for me Friday, my husband crashed a wire cube storage system. It was really quite miraculous that I only lost one Prima bottle on the concrete floor - supplies crashing down must have cushioned the others. We managed to salvage beads and Prima flowers amongst the shards of glass. I recall holding off on Primas for the longest time because glass, concrete flooring and small children do not mix. Glass apparently does not mix with adults either. I am glad to see Prima now selling product in plastic containers.

In order to combat the unsteady nature of my inexpensive wire cube storage system my husband built me a sturdy new shelving unit out of maple plywood this weekend. Woo hoo!!! (he could crash everything if it resulted in new storage units!) On new year's eve day I painted the inside Spinning Wheel tan and olive trim, and put a clear stain on the outside maple. That night we set my new unit atop a black metal storage unit and I proceeded to organize, purge and toss. I also reorganized my patterned papers and part of my cardstock stash this weekend. I love it!

It was also productive in that I finished three more potential CK Hall of Fame layouts and a DT assignment. I really only have a couple of more layouts to do for HOF, but too many ideas in my head. I hope to create them all and then choose which to send, and hold some back for the Masters contest.

Well, time to say prayers with our son - and time to start scrapping a layout. I spent way too much time getting this blog to work - rather tired of it for tonight. I hope to blog again soon now that I have all my information documented so I can get back in here!

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