Friday, January 12, 2007

2006 Reflections

A new year has begun, and I reflect on 2006 as a scrapbooker - what I had hoped for and what I had dreamed about. I realized how much my perspective on "success" had changed compared to 2005, and how I had grown personally. I decided to create an "all about me" page wtih wonderful Cosmo Cricket products, and my innermost thoughts of lessons learned in the previous year. I hope this layout will inspire others who have dreams of being published, and winning big contests.
Journaling reads:
Another year has passed, and some of my hopes and dreams have passed by with the change of seasons. I did not win a premiere scrapbooking contest. I wasn't asked to be a part of a manufacturer's design team, nor was a magazine knocking down my doors to publish my work, but I am okay with that.
In 2005 I set myself up for disappointment with these types of hopes and dreams. There was a lesson to be learned, and in 2006 I felt I embraced the lesson. It is easy to get wrapped up in a passion, and its perceived achievements. It is easy to lose focus on priorities that matter, and who is important. Through disappointments I found myself in prayer, and asking God to show me what really matters. I learned to accept that everything happens in God's time, and that He knows what I really need. When I returned my focus on Him, my life regained balance and peacefulness. Disappointment rolled off my shoulders like a river flowing south. God showed me what really matters - my family - the real reason I scrapbook.
I smile as I watch my daughter flip through an album, "reading" the stories she sees in the photos. I am proud of our son as he creates his own pages, and takes an interest in photography. I feel a tug on my heartstrings as my husband writes a note to tell me how much he appreciates what I am doing to preserve our family memories. 2006 was the year to erase the fuzzy lines, and focus my eyes on what really matters - God, family, and the love we share.

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