Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Just an idea...maybe I will start listing my weekly blessings on Thursdays. We'll see how good my memory is.
At this moment I am ever so grateful for our two healthy children. Coming from daycare, our sitter friend and I were discussing child development. A 19 mo. old in her care has simply not been happy. He's not sick -no ear infection - but you can tell the little guy is not feeling well. Little Derek is not walking, fusses if you try to help him. The doctors are concerned about his having CP and he needs to have tests done. Please keep Derek and his parents in your prayers as you lift your petitions to God.
I am thankful that Kyle has become such a good speller, reader and writer. He has a great imagination. I love seeing a reflection of myself as he writes and illustrates stories, and gets all excited to share his plot lines with us. Math continues to be a struggle, and I hope for his sake, and his chosen field, that this becomes more easy for him. He has such resistance for studies of subjects he does not do well in. I can relate. It is so easy to put off chores or tasks that I am not good at, or don't particularly enjoy. How I would love to scrapbook all day, play with the kids and cook. Skip the laundry, housecleaning, and preparing taxes. Ah yes... I know the last daunting task looms on the horizon. I shudder at the thought.
I am thankful for Abigail's brightness. Recently she has gotten into putting a puzzle together in the mornings before we leave for daycare/work. The large floor puzzles come together in record time... I think it is time to advance our 4 yr old to a 100 pc. puzzle. I was also given good advice the other day - yes, by my four year old. I backed the car down the driveway, and THEN buckled in. With gloves on I had a little trouble. We stopped at the post office, and as I returned to the the driver's seat I am advised from the back seat, "this time buckle up before you start the car mom, we will both be much safer." What could I say - once again she is right. I have to smile at Abigail's early onslaught of wisdom.
There is praise and thanksgiving on the scrapbooking front as well today. I had four layout requests this week. Three layouts were requested for Leisure Arts upcoming book, "Doodling for Papercrafters." I also had a request from Memory Makers for their May Idea Gallery. Apparently they had requested the layout before Christmas, but at our old e-mail address. I was clearing out the folder of junk mail from the providers home page, and was fortunate to notice a subject header that might be legitimately scrapbook related. The magazine is shooting for the May issue Feburary 1. I had to pack my layout up quickly and get it sent out - but had to find it first. After several passes through my stacks of layouts, I found it sandwiched between two others in a page protector. The good thing about this is that I was forced to start placing layouts in their respective albums. I have Abby's 2005 album full, actually need a few refill pages. Her 2006 album is also near full. I need to get all of Kyle's layouts placed as well. I just filled my second devotional album, and am surprised at the number of "all about me" layouts I created last year. Maybe this year I can try to put my pages in their place as soon as I am finished, rather than cart them around to family reunions and such.
I finished my last Hall of Fame layout entry last night - woo hoo!! Now to work on the mini album - my last project. I still hope to send my entry off by the end of the month. But it won't happen if I keep bloggin' - so until next time - count your blessings!

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