Sunday, January 21, 2007

MIP for Kyle!!!

The weekend is over .... and now a little time to reflect on the journey of the past few days.
Even though I did not get to witness it, I am a proud mother tonight. Kyle had his third basketball game (3rd grade -learning the fundamentals) Saturday morning, and his coach said he was the "most improved player". The entire family went to his first several Saturdays ago, and it was a rather painful experience for this mom to watch. Compared to the other boys, Kyle lacked confidence, seemed so unsure on the court of what to do, and just did not have the ball handling experience of the other boys.

Kyle had only had two practices before his first game. I had been watching the school take home folder like a hawk, looking for the basketball registration. It never came, and we heard about it after practices had began. For a rather shy child who has never excelled, or even really enjoyed, a sport - starting out behind was a strike. He had been looking forward to trying basketball for over a year, and I was glad there was one opening left between the two third grade teams so he could still play.

Second strike - we have no basketball hoop at home. I do wish there was a way to rectify this - especially since Kyle is tall and basketball would seem a good match. He is not able to just step outside and shoot a few buckets like many boys. Our steep driveway and piece of land does not lend itself to a "basketball court".

Kyle had some obstacles to overcome going into this game - the main one being lack of experience. Kyle's coach is good, and is working hard at teaching the boys the fundamentals of the game. I held my breath a few times during the first game as the coach yelled out directions to Kyle. In past years, this would have caused Kyle to have a melt down - but he handled it, and although he was confused during the game - he made it through and felt good about it when the game was over. I will interject that Abigail did not like the game as the buzzer on the clock was too loud. Having her there meant I had to entertain her, and had a hard time focusing on Kyle and his game. I decided I wouldn't attend another game unless we had a sitter for her at home.

When Kyle and Jesse arrived home Saturday there was a definite mood of gladness. Kyle had fun, majorly improved his guard/blocking skills, and even had the ball long enough to make a basket. Thus, the MIP. It sounds like this game was a night and day difference from his first. I sure hope I find a baby sitter for Saturday morning - as I really want to watch Kyle play and be his number one fan on the sidelines.

It is too early too tell if Kyle will be a basketball player. I always enjoyed the sport in highschool - as a spectator, and enjoyed games of H-O-R-S-E with my siblings. As his mother I would love for him to become good at a team sport, and develop his social skills, but I know that I need to sit back and watch, as God molds him into the man he will someday be.


Kimmie said...

WTG is a hard game to glad hes enjoying it. Hang in there Rita, its hard for a parent to sit on the sidelines and let someone else teach our children. Keep me posted on future games......

Deanna Kroll said...

WOO HOO Kyle! I am so proud of you! Sounds like it was a great game.....good luck with getting a sitter for Saturday Rita!