Monday, January 15, 2007

A rose by any other name...

I've been waiting a long time to take this photograph. Waiting for snow. Today we finally had our first accumulative snowfall of winter - and it is about time. Kyle and Abby had a great time playing in the snow. They should all sleep well tonight. Kyle shovelled this morning at home, and then again when he hung out with me a while a church while I worked. We enjoyed a neighborhood party in celebration of Martin Luther King Day. The kids played outdoors there, and then again when we got home. All of our wet clothes are hanging up to dry overnight. The snowfall was so pretty, and although many do not care for snow - it is such a great symbol of the purity and cleanliness when it falls brand new to the ground.

What's up with the rose you ask? The rose comes from a bouquet of flowers at the funeral of a friend who died earlier in the year. I had it on my desk at work, and it dried and became, in my opinion, one of the most perfect of beautiful dry roses I had ever seen. Eventually the rose started making its way home -riding on the dashboard of my car for the past few months, awaiting the first snow, in order to fill my whim of a photo shoot.

There is something about this rose, drained from all life, and yet admirable for what it once was... a viable, living being. Much like my friend, now gone. She fought her battles with a quiet faith, and despite her illness, not once did I hear her complain. She continued to minister to others for as long as she was able.
How refreshing is the snow? It cleanses the air, and blankets the world in a coat of purity. Much like our Saviour, whose blood was shed so that we may be cleansed from our sins, and be made as white as snow in God's eyes.
We are a sinful creation, yet God loves us unconditionally.
We ask forgiveness, He offers grace in return.
For all who believe in Jesus, in Him crucified and put to death, we begin a new life in relationship with our Lord. For every sin there is a new blanket of snow washing us clean. We are all given the freedom to choose whom, or what, we serve, but there is only one path that promises eternal life. As a viable, living being I fail many times. Without faith and trust in God I would not be able to get through discouraging days. The next time you are outdoors in the winter, and are touched by snowflakes falling from the sky, remember how we may be cleansed, and made pure as freshly fallen snow. Don't wait until all life is drained from you before seeking a new life in Christ.

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Kimmie said...

Beautiful pic...i cant wait to see that on a scrap page. TFS it with us