Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Tis the Season

It's been a bit since I have blogged. My family, and myself, have returned to health, and I am trying to catch up for the holiday season. The busy-ness of the year... even though I try to get all my shopping done by Halloween there are always gifts to make. This year I think I took on too many homemade gifts - but I am making progress.

The washing machine started smoking yestereday while doing a load. Not surprising, we knew it was on its last legs...just wish it would have waited until after Christmas to die. Delivery would not have been until next week, so Jesse opted to bring it home and hook it up himself. Fortunately we can still take the old into Madison as part of the sale contract and get rid of it for $12. There is a bit more involved...clearing the laundry room, cutting a new board to go under the appliances...and for me - painting the walls. I had painted the laundry room a beautiful deep red this past spring, but did not ask for the appliances to be moved out knowing we would replacing the washer soon. So that is my task for tomorrow. Add it to my Xmas list "to do".

Our household seems to be in better health after about a month of various illnesses. I finally decorated and put the tree up on Saturday. Abby delights in the lights, and I loved hanging ornaments with Kyle, who loves to go through his ornaments and ask what each represents. Not all Hallmark, but each meaningful and a symbol of a milestone in each year of his life. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the season.

Another is taking time to reflect on the birth of our Savior. As we read family devotions and have weekly study - I am reminded of God's grace.
G -God
R - Redeeming
A- All
C- Christ for
E - Everyone

No matter who you are, what you have done and what you have NOT done - God could not love you more. His grace, a gift through His son Jesus, is available to everyone. All you need to do is ask Him and include Jesus in your life. The reward is greater than you can ever imagine.

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