Monday, November 27, 2006

Foggy Morning Reflections

I didn't blog last was the end of a long weekend and I just wanted to relax. It is a balmy, foggy morning - end of November. Very strange to be able to do things outside without a coat this time of year. I understand that the cold weather will return by the weekend.

After a morning worship of thanksgiving and praise we packed up food and took a trip to Brodhead to visit my parents and enjoy a belated Thanksgiving dinner. My mother continues to have pain from her fall and gets terrible spasms in the rib cage area.
On the trip home I tried to nap in the car, not only is it a pain in the neck, but there seemed to be a constant flow of "moms" from the back seat.
Home in the early evening, we sat down and watch another episode of Little House on the Prairie. Kyle really enjoys the series, loaned to us by friends. He is also starting to read the books as his teacher has the series in her classroom.
I started sorting Abigail's baby photos...I am so behind scrapping them. I think I will keep the entire baby album simplistic in style, so I can catch up a bit faster. Jesse and I also watched a new Hallmark movie, which I thought was one of the best ones I have seen. I went to bed shortly afterwards.
This evening we host Bible study. When I get home from work I should tidy the house a bit. Dinner is thankfully leftovers, and I hope to scrap a simple layout, or at least start on one, this afternoon. I am working on Christmas gifts, and figure if I scrap a simple layout in between larger gift giving projects, that I will still have fulfillment in creating and making new pages for our children's scrapbooks.

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