Friday, November 24, 2006

Today was eventful. Yes, it was Black, I did not join the masses at the major stores for deals on electronics.... I did, however, go to Michael's and the scrapbook store before work for some deals I could not pass up. In and out at Michael's, and spent way too much time in the scrapbook store...but, man - am I ready to make Christmas gifts!
Then to work, with just a little coffee left in my travel mug. I stopped at the doctor's office along the way to pick up Kyle so he would not have to sit in germ-ridden waiting room while Abby waited to have her cough checked with Jesse. Turns out she may have a sinus infection...and antibiotics were prescribed for her. Here is to hopes that in a few days we will once again be sleeping through the night!
Today was a strange, unusually warm day for late November. About mid-morning Jesse called with the news that my dad could very well be taking his hot air balloon ride today near Brodhead. My sibs and I had bought him a ride as a birthday gift in September, but the weather became too cold and windy to cooperate. He was taking the ride with Betty and Irene, two neighbor ladies. (So much for plans to work to late afternoon to try and put a dent in my workload!) The weather was perfect for a balloon ride, and the great thing about it was that the college kids were home to see their grandparents take off in the balloon!
We had a great time - I loved the photo opportunity and managed around 150 p
hotos. (Yes, I have already deleted a few. I love the freedom of digital photography.) Watching the set up from the very beginning was a very cool experience, and before we knew it, dad and three other people were heaven-bound in a wicker basket! Chasing the balloon through the countryside was enjoyable - two deer ran out in front of us, fortunately we were putzing. With bright blues, red and white -the balloon is one of the prettiest we had seen...and our family has chased a number of balloons in our day!
Sadly, our vehicle missed the landing, as the four year old in the back seat was citing the call of what else could we do? We had to find a nearby facility. When we headed back out of Evansville the balloon had already landed in a soybean field. The sun was setting. The balloon riders reported a most awesome experience. Irene said, "I could have stayed up there and listened to that quiet forever!" Jesse and I hope to have that experience someday, but what I wouldn't give for an hour of total peace in my day! We hope to enjoy a balloon ride for our 20th anniversary, so that gives us a few years to save for it.
Since my mother is still recovering from a fall earlier this week, she was not able to watch the balloon take off. Fortunately my sister Teresa had a camcorder, and later on we
were able to watch the take off and landing via the television screen. I plan to burn all my photos on CD and take them down on Sunday, when we will travel to Brodhead again with Thanksgiving dinner, and a chance to visit more with my parents. Tomorrow I plan to dig into those new scrapbook supplies, and get some more Christmas gifts made. Looking forward to it, and for now I better quit reflecting on my day and get some shut eye - as I don't expect miracles from two doses of medicine.
Praise God for good weather, an awesome experience for my father and his friends, a safe landing, and getting us all home safely so we can enjoy another day that He has made. Rejoice and be glad!

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