Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who me - blog? My blogging journey begins...

I never thought I would find myself writing a blog...but here I am. I have thought about it for quite some time - and although I know I won't have time to blog every day, I figure this is as good a place as any to journal my thoughts as I journey through my life on earth.

It is evening on Thanksgiving...I 've had my mashed potatoes - probably my second favorite comfort food next to dark chocolate. Even though our youngest is not well - we all enjoy general good health in our family and we have enough to eat, and a modest roof over our heads. It is a night in which I reflect on the many blessings God has provided for myself and my family. Although the bills often get ahead of us, there is one thing of which we have an abundance, and that is love for one another. It is the glue that gets us through hard times. It is the joy that gets me through a difficult day. Laughter truly is the best medicine and can lighten the load on a particularly stressful day.
Soon my family will sit down and open the Blesssing Box - which I created the other night. I have been meaning to create a container for two years to hold slips of paper that reveal what each family member is grateful for. I have papers from past years to add to this box, as we began writing down our blessings about four years ago. It will be especially interesting to see what the children are thankful for through the years as they grow and develop various interests.

I love to write, so perhaps having a blog will help me become better at journaling my daily life. This is my hope - to record the funnies that our children say in their innocence as they discover life around them. To reflect upon my journey, knowing that what awaits me in heaven is even better than what I have here. Best of all, I am sure this blog will become useful for journaling on the scrapbook pages I create for our family. Creating is a large part of who I am, and preserving memories is in essence, an integral part of my inmost being. I look forward to sharing excerpts of my earthly journey with family and friends, as we await the promise of heaven and eternity with the Master of all creation.

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