Monday, February 1, 2010

Can I Persuade You to LOVE BoBunny Persuasion?

I spent the weekend scrapbooking layouts with BoBunny's Persuasion line - this line is SO beautiful! I am loving every moment of it, and am happy to share one of the finished projects today. But before I do, I want to announce the winner of the new Paradise collection - EM!!! Thanks to everyone who signed up to follow my blog. Em, I will be contacting you soon - it is probably at least a month before happy mail shows up at my door from BoBunny - so hang tight, it will be worth the wait!

May I persuade you.... If you're like me, before covering up a beautiful sheet of 12x12 patterned paper with photos and such, you look to see what exactly is going to be covered up and what can be salvaged and used elsewhere, whether on the layout itself or on a card, etc. I could not resist the larger hummingbird in the design, and cut that bird outta there, so I could find him another home on the page. I recently obtained some paint pots of Shimmerz, including an olive color. It was perfect to color in the little bird in a shimmer of green - as their feathers really do glow in real life. I used a chalk pencil to add some rose to its chin, and topped that with a dab of sparkle Mod Podge.
Of couse a hummingbird's favorite flower are the trumphet shaped ones - their long, narrow beaks are made especially sip the nectar of these flowers. I was inspired by the design in the upper right of the paper - the pink lines forming a circle with the dotted pink ends. How, you might ask? The lines with dotted ends reminded me of a fuschia flower, and the tendrils that hang from the inside of the draping flower, adorned with a bubble of gold pollen on the end. The fuschia is a favorite food source for hummingbirds, so I attempted to recreate one by using my "folk art heart" shaped paper punch, and punching hearts from the blush Dot BoBunny cardstock. Here are the steps I took to piece the flower:

1. Punch heart shapes from pink double dot cardstock and side by side, adhere 5 together with mini glue dots.

2. Use thumb to shape into a cone, bending gently and bring together and secure with last glue dot.

3. On outside at bottom, add another glue dot and cover with small scrap piece of green ribbon.

4. If desired, on inside, place a glue dot down at bottom of cone, punch real small heart shapes and stick inside.

5. Use pink Stickles to add sparkle to the inside. I used Fruit Punch, which has a hint of gold sparkle - it reminds me of pollen! I also painted the outside with sparkle Mod Podge.

6. Use Chunky Chip clove scrolls for stems (blinged with Olive Shimmerz of course!), and tie bits of 3/8" Double Dot clover ribbon onto the stems to create "leaves".

I realize some of you may be intimidated by the large flower pattern in the "Bloom" Persuasion paper, but don't be!! The large flower patterns BEG to be cut up! Follow the outlines of several flowers and create a border. Cut out additional flowers from same colors and layer on top for extra dimension. Note the butterfly punched from BoBunny's Love Shack was sitting on my table from a previous project - so I plopped it down. I love that BoBunny's collections so very often coordinate from line to line.

These photos of Abby make me smile - I love that first grader grin with all the missing teeth! I chose the "5 Ways You Make Me Smile" from the cut-outs sheet, and listed 5 things she does that makes me smile. First, the girl is big on knock knock jokes - if you have had little ones, or do, I am sure you can relate! (LOL) Of course, many times they don't even make sense, but just to hear her laugh at her funny joke makes laughing contagious. She is also a creative girl - gotta love that! She is constantly drawing and writing stories. She may be adopted, but oh my goodness, so much of what she does mirrors what I did at her age! Abby and I also have our special love actions - she doesn't like kisses, but loves to rub noses together, and recently she has developed the "bunny bye-bye" - creating the peace sign with your hand and waving with those two fingers, errr, I mean bunny ears.

Have you fallen in love with Persuasion yet? If you still need a little convincing, be sure to hop over to the BoBunny blog today - where the other super talented designers are sharing their Persuasion projects. I look forward to sharing more projects with you soon using this line - in the meantime...

Happy creating!
Rita S.

Don't forget to sign up in the "Ribbon Rainbows" thread for a chance to win BoBunny Love Bandit - you have until noon on February 10.

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