Saturday, January 30, 2010

My First Attempt At Moxie

I thought I would share my first attempt at the Moxie Fab World challenge for last week. You may recall, from my earlier post, that Cath showed us a gorgeous room scene in the colors of turquoise, white and gold. I created a winter scene using BoBunny's "Falling 4U Clearly Stamps" set, and stamped/embossed onto turquoise damask pattern (picking up the damask pattern in the wallpaper trigger) from BoBunny's Tis the Season striped paper.

It turned out pretty, but not very moxie, I don't think. I used an embossing pen to draw in some little trees, to fill in my wooded winter scene. Note how the little trees are reaching for sunlight through the big trees? Ok, that's my thought, or cover up for the fact they are not standing perfectly straight. But I do notice, in our backyard, that the little trees are always leaning, trying to grasp sunlight wherever they can when the larger trees cast shadows over them. (LOL) I also used my fine tip embossing ink pen to add some extra branches to the stamped trees, as no two trees are identical in real life.

To get the variance in turquoise shading, I covered the top portion of the card with scrap paper and used Turquoise Glimmer Mist on the lower part, to create a shimmery landscape of snow reflecting the blue sky. Using the pen, I created the illusion of gentle slopes and a horizon. A little Hampton Arts stamp provided the sentiment, stamped, and also misted in turqouoise, and set upon a 3D foam adhesive square for dimension, and accented with pearls.

I will confess, I attempted to add gold accents for Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger. What I came up with were three small gold rivets in the lower right corner. However, I squeezed too hard on my last rivet being set with my Crop-o-Dile, and a portion of it went through the paper. Ooops! I cut it off, and decided to use a border punch to add some interest, and fill in the space created by having to chop off my oops.

The resulting card is pretty and peaceful. Our friend Marv is celebrating his 75th birthday today. He has been battling cancer in his bones, and has been pretty weak. We know his time to be with the Lord is nearer with each passing day. When I see this card I think of the verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1 "“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...”

Wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a man who is not feeling well and dying seemed out of place to me. Instead, I focused on the verse above, included it in the card with this message:
Life is a journey.
It does not matter how many rocks we’ve stumbled over to get on the good and righteous path, what matters is that we allow God to pick us up, and set us straight again.

God has raised you up.
He has washed you and made you purer than snow. As your journey ends, your heart will be filled with joy and gladness.

On your 75th birthday our prayer is that it overflows with blessings, and that the Lord shine His favor down upon you.
Marv looked great this morning. New medicines have been a great help with all the pain he was experiencing in his stomach. I know it did my heart good to see him looking well. I realize that in all likelihood, this is the last birthday we will celebrate with Marv. I think one of Marv's greatest joys today will be Abby reading his card to him, as his eyes have not focused for months due to the meds. I needed to help her with words such as "righteous" and "purer" - not words a seven year old encounters everyday.  She read his card so well, and I could see how pleased Marv was to have her so near to him. Abby is a ray of sunshine, but likes her space and is reluctant to let anyone hug or cuddle with her. I was happy that the four of us could enjoy a short visit, and celebrate a small part of his "God brought me into the world" day.
As we live day to day, we never know if our visit will loved ones will be the last. I encourage you to part in love, knowing that if it is your last, that your heart is at peace with your departure. The phrase, "live each day as if it were your last" is a good reminder that never know the day or the time - never end a day with regret.
A reminder that you can post in the thread below to win a collection of BoBunny's Love Bandit. February 10 is the last day you may leave a comment.  Also, I have reached 100 followers!  Yeah! Thanks to each and every one - a name will be drawn, hopefully before the weekend is out, to see who will be receiving BoBunny's new Paradise collection.


Jan Doyle said...

Georgeous work, as usual. Enjoyed seeing your current "collection" on Thursday. You go, girl!

Juliana said...

I like your card Rita and I love how you described all the ups and downs you went through while creating it!

Debby said...

Great with your Moxie Fab challenge even great thoughts about life.