Monday, January 25, 2010

Moxie Fab Turquoise - Love it!!!

Turquoise. love Love LOVE it!! Ask me to choose between gecko green and turquoise and I might actually be tongue tied. Green used to dominate my closet, but I have definitely noticed a shift in the waves towards turquoise, teal and aqua. And I definitely have jewelry in those shades as well. I should take pics to share as they are definitely moxie!

Once in a while I get a chance to hop over to Moxie Fab World and see what Cath is up to. Often I seem to get an error when I go to post a comment, but it doesn't keep me from popping in. Glad to say tonight I could at last comment. I did mention something to hubby about problems with the "word verification" thingy, so maybe he changed a setting. On Tuesdays Cath usually posts a trigger to get your mojo flowing, and when I happened on it last week I was more than excited to see the color scheme in the Tuesday Trigger - check it out!

Note the inspiration photo came from a site called House of Turquoise. Took me all of about 2 seconds to become a follower of that blog I tell ya - I was drooling and swooning over the many cool blue shades of home decor. Of course I was totally inspired after a tour at the House of Turquoise. A turquoise and white card had been on my brain since buying several holiday close out ribbon spools at Michaels a few weeks ago. (I've already shared some of those ribbon finds with you earlier.) Granted, brown is a part of that equation, but I can change it out to gold. My greatest problem is having a vision, but not having the supplies on hand to make it come to life. I have so many decorative acrylic stamp shapes, but could not find a one that would help me duplicate the damask design on the wall - it would have been so pretty, too! Textured white cardstock was my next choice, but alas my Cuttlebug only makes a 5.5 x 4.25" card, and my vision for an all white card with turquoise accents demanded a larger canvas of 5x7. Off to Archivers I went, and although I could not find exactly what I wanted, I brought home a snowflake varnished cardstock, as well as a textured cardstock that currently has a card project in aqua happening at my creative space. I keep wishing for BoBunny Double Dot cardstock in white - I think a white on white dot could be very moxie, don't you?

Note how the turquoise accents just POP off that furniture in the Moxie room scene? Once I had the "stark white" card I envisioned, with a big turquoise bow, it was time to come up with my own pop of turquoise. I wanted something unexpected to fly off the snowflake patterned cardstock. No snowflakes, snowman, or snow anything. I chose one of my favorite card accents - a bird in flight by Inkadinkadoo. The word "snowbird" popped into my head, and I set about transforming the floral designs in the acrylic bird stamp to snowflakes. I can tell you that using glue dots to cover flowers with tiny snowflake punch shapes, coating with ink and stamping does not work. I thought it was a clever idea at first, but my stamped turquoise bird with gaping white holes said otherwise. Plan B - stamp onto the varnished cardstock. Then utilize a nub to remove ink from the varnish design, aka resist. However, all my nubs were in use and I had not a one to remove ink from the fine lines of the snowflake designs. Onto Plan C - stamp the bird and cover the flower designs with various shades of little snowflakes. The little snowflake punches were derived from BoBunny's Tis the Season stripe, with turquoise backside, and scraps of photo stock - thus already glossy, or varnished. Turquoise Shimmerz was painted on top of the stamped bird, and the snowflakes used on the card. The bird was also coated with sparkle Mod Podge, and while that was wet I added a small turquoise pearl sticker for added adhesion. With all snowflakes in place I cut out the bird shape and popped it up on the card with foam adhesive. All in all I am quite pleased with how my little turquoise snowbird turned out!

You can see a bit of resist where the varnished snowflakes take place, becoming a shade of aqua in a sea of darker tone.

In my opinion, if a flighted creature is used on a crafting project, it needs movement. Prima's "Say It With Pearls" provided a great flourish of movement.

A foil snowflake, left from a Christmas project, was added to the center of the bow, layered with a smaller flake punch on top, and a pearl sticker. I admit, lately I have developed a fetish for wider ribbons to add larger bows to my layouts and cards.

Want to know a secret? I spotted gold glitter paper at Archivers. The thought of saving me the time of embossing the edges in gold was very attractive, so I picked up a sheet. It was not until I went to use it that I realized it was a sticker sheet. Sweet! not only will it save a step in heat embossing, it won't be glittering in the lap of the person whom one day receives the card.

I hope you enjoy this not so little post of my attempts at creating a MOXIE card. I had another to show you, but after explaining my card making approach, I am sure you have had enough for the day! In two days I will be posting details on a project being revealed on the BoBunny blog, with a fun idea on creating a unique ribbon embellishment. I think you will enjoy it, so come on back soon! Thanks for popping by, and as always happy creating!


Juliana said...

totally lovin the turquoise too!

Windy Robinson said...

Gorgeous bird!

Cath said...

Hey Rita! What a pretty approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Thanks so much for playing along! :)