Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green AGAIN with Jillibean Soup!

It's Earth Day! To celebrate I am RE-cycling a layout shared in March to RE-emphasize the importance of GOING GREEN.

I love a new manufacturer - Jillibean Soup. The designs are fun, colors are great, and I love the line of products offered on kraft - my favorite layout base. I wish my LSS carried ALL of their stuff, and am always hopeful more is coming in. I was really smitten with the bold combination of yellow, green, white and black in this particular line. Originally I thought the papers were perfect to scrap a photo of our resident "tree" frog...but the frog man cometh... Last week at our son's school a man gave a program on frogs and other reptiles. Kyle learned that our wintering frog is indeed a PEEPER. That explains why he looks different than the GREEN tree frog that resided with us about four winters ago.

I also found out that the man set five LIVE frogs upon Kyle's arm. What a thrill he must have felt, and you can only imagine my extreme disappointment that no photo came out of that moment. Apparently Kyle's teacher does not know how absolutely passionate I am about capturing such moments. I know my new, understanding boss would have let me leave work for a bit to run over to the school with my camera for the frog man. I also love FROGS...and the acronym "Fully Rely On God".

RE-ly on God for all things. He will give you strength, bring you through tough times, wipe your tears, and be your friend. In RE-turn for all the things He has done for us, we are asked to be "stewards of the earth". On this EARTH DAY, consider what you are doing to help sustain the environment, or better - improve upon its current state where you live.

My layout is about the challenges of trying to live a green lifestyle - doing what we can, but knowing we can always do more. RE-cently we plugged the "entertainment" appliances into a multi-strip, and before bed at night we shut off the main power to everything: TV, DVD player, digi box, VCR, etc. Shutting these items OFF when not in use is also a good practice, but I notice we still need to improve upon it. Years ago we switched to the flourescent bulbs in our lamps and ceiling fan light fixtures. We all could step up our efforts to being more green in living style - I for one need to really make a point to use my tote bags for grocery shopping.

I do want to share my husband's favorite GREEN recipe for window cleaning:
1.5 gallon water
1 bottle rubbing alcohol
2 t. Dawn dishsoap
1/2 c. white vinegar

He has used this streak free recipe for years. No, he doesn't use newspapers, but old t-shirts that have been cut up into rags, which we wash and RE-use over and over again for household cleaning.

If you give it some thought, I am sure we can all think of ONE way to improve our efforts in green-living. Have a wonderful and green EARTH DAY!

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Dettao said...

Hi Rita! Saw your layout on the Jillybean blog and thought I'd pop over and say hello! Love your layout. I will be back when I have more time to catch up with you.