Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time is running out! Hurry to enter!

November - wow, did it fly past! There are 24 hours, as I type this, to get your layout entry into the Magistical Memories contest for a chance to win fabulous chipboard shapes!

All you have to do is create a layout about a person and list 5 things about them for which you are grateful -AND use a piece of chipboard of course, but keep in mind it does not specify Magistical Memories brand if you don't have it.

Look at how fun chipboard is - even in seconds you can dress it up. I was on the PC much too late last night. I hopped over to Create My Keepsake and looked at a challenge sketch. Instantly inspired to meet the challenge, AND get a layout done for the MM contest. My layout turns out to be totally different from other projects I was considering doing for the contest - but I whipped it to together in 30 minutes or less. I knew my Piggy Tales stash had papers with the color blue of my hubby's sweatshirt, and I love their 2nd generation barndoor - which allows me to put a private, mushy message inside.

Ink is always a fast answer to dressing up raw chipboard. I used Brilliance Coffee Bean by Tsukineko, and as an after thought - swiped some Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink on the chipboard for contrast, in the bright blue. It adds a lot more interest than had I left it with the brown colorization only.

Speaking of contests, there are 24 HOURS to vote at FocalPress
If I could secure 2nd place I will be in the drawing for the Nikon D60. Pretty pretty please help me out and vote. You do have to register at the site, and it seems you can vote more than once. Feel Free! Believe me, you would not be the only person doing that. Again, my photos are the bluebird, baby robin's in nest, and hands clutched in prayer -and they are found on page 21 of the entries in the contest. Have to say "pray" is my favorite in keeping with the LIFE them. That is my hand holding one of my dearest friends while she lay in a hospital bed. I wasn't sure she was going to make it - we prayed fervently! God is so faithful, heard our prayers, and a year later my friend is still here with us. Praise God!

See that? My friend Debby gave me a blog award today - she is so sweet! And I will add she "runs with big scissors" as one of the very special Fiskateer of the Year recipients. You can visit Debby's blog here:

And here are other blogs I totally love and owner with this award! If you are listed here please snag that award icon and post on your blog. Link back here and add 7 others you love to visit. FUN to share blog love!

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Debby said...

Very cool. Thanks for the blog links. The award is well deserved not only because you are talent to no end, but because of your heart.