Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving and Making

Long after the i-pods are broken and Wii games lose their interest, homemade gifts from the heart create lasting memories. That is my motto this year...thanks in part to Pastor Chris talking about the materialism of Christmas and what really matters. 20 years from now my teenage niece probably won't remember the iPod she got from whomever, but I bet she will still enjoy the memory album her aunt made for her. I am planning on a homemade Christmas, and daresay I don't want to start a countdown! I have the materials, made a little bit of progress, but today I want to share an idea that is wonderful for a mom, teacher, hostess, etc.

I shared a serving tray earlier in October for a teacher, but had to take it down due to it being picked up for publication. Yeah! Anyhow, the tray I am sharing today uses similar techniques, but this paper. Good luck finding it if you want it, I just posted the first site I googled. I know our store sold out and it cannot be reordered.

Since several of you asked for directions, I thought I would share on my blog. The trays are made by Creative Imaginations and are called the "Ian Serving Tray".

Tray – Creative Imaginations, approx. 14x14”
Patterned Paper: SEI Alpine, or patterned paper of choice
Paints: Making Memories: black, chocolate, evergreen
Sparkle Medium: Glimmer Mist in Latte
Ribbon: Offray Simply Sheer Asiana - brown
Matte finish: Mod Podge (see option below)
Adhesive: Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Glue (use foam brush to apply)
Tools: Foam or flat bristle paint brushes
Optional: 12x12 clear acrylic sheet by Bazzill

How To:

1. Prime wooden tray with base coat of black
2. Dry brush chocolate paint going with the grain of the wood (note: you do not have to repaint inside base of tray since it will be covered with patterned paper)
3. Dry brush coat of evergreen paint, ensuring that base colors show in places. Allow to dry completely.
4. Spritz all sides, in and out, with Glimmer Mist. The product will run – use a sponge brush to move it around to cover all areas.
5. Trim 12x12 patterned paper to fit tray bottom, approximately ¼” from side to side, top to bottom – make sure patterned paper lies flat in tray bottom before going to next step.
6. Brush light coat of Scotch Quick Dry Tacky adhesive onto inside base of tray, work quickly as glue dries fast – carefully position patterned paper and gently burnish to wood to ensure there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Allow for glue to completely dry – 15-20 min., checking for and working out any bubbles that occur. (Note: Matte finish mod podge may be used as an adhesive, note that the higher moisture content may cause more bubbles/wrinkles to be worked out.)
7. If desired apply a light coat of matte finish mod podge to inside of tray – this will allow the surface to be wiped with a damp cloth if there are spills. Another great alternative is to purchase a 12x12 clear sheet by Bazzill, trim to inside tray dimensions and lay over the top of the patterned paper.

1. Drill ¼” holes if desired to add ribbon for handles. A craft drill works well, but recommend using a clamp to keep tray in place while drilling. A dremel tool works real slick, and hubby drilling the holes for you even slicker. (LOL)
2. Fold sheer 2" wide ribbon in half to make a double layer approximately 15” long. Roll one end tightly and feed through hole from outside (use blunt end tool to assist, Making Memories tweezer tool was used to push ribbon through hole, and to pull it out the other side). Once through feed through second hole from inside, bring ribbon ends together and tie a knot to create a handle. Using the wide ribbon folded creates beautiful gathers and adds to the elegance.

Idea to Note:
Place a clear piece of 12x12 acrylic in the bottom of the tray to use while serving. (Skip the protective mod podge coating.)

If you find the apple paper the paints I used are:
1. base coat of black
2. Dry brush with Making Memories Nutmeg (be sure that some black is left showing)
3. Light dry brush with Making Memories ruby glaze (the glaze takes on different colors, found in the papers, when brushed over both black and nutmeg)

A note about dry brushing as many are not sure what this technique is. It is simply a matter of putting very little paint on your brush. My preferred brush is a flat brush, about 1" wide for a project as large as a tray. I put a little paint on my brush and dab off onto a plastic lid, and then use a sweeping stroke, going with the grain of the wood, over my base paints. You can also use a foam brush, but be aware they absorb paint more readily than a bristled brush. Crystle from Magistical Memories shared a great tip with me - don't throw away foam brushes that have become hardened. They work great for dry brushing!

I hope you enjoy this project and consider making homemade gifts this Christmas to create memories that are truly special and from the heart.

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Rita, this is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions!