Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Thankful List

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends in the U.S. and happy blessed day to all! The bread maker is baking, potatoes are cooking and the turkey, cooked yesterday, is ready to be reheated in the roaster. Shortly family will arrive and we will play games until later today when we gather around the table to thank God for another year of providing for us.

I couldn't post without some sort of project for you, so chose a gift bag I created that features Fiskars "Leave it to Weaver" border punch. It would be a great way to offer homemade bread or preserves to someone you are truly thankful for.

I hope each of you take time today to reflect upon the blessings in your life. I thought I would share a bit of my thankful list – which will be added to The Blessing Box that we get out each year (published in Creating Keepsakes last November).

First, nothing brings me greater peace and joy than knowing for certain that I will be going to heaven when this earthly journey is over. Because Jesus died for me all of my sins are forgiven. I don’t need to contribute X amount of $ to a church, I don’t need to work laboriously to earn my way to heaven – GRACE IS A GIFT GIVEN FREELY BY GOD FOR ANYONE WHO ASKS JESUS INTO THEIR HEART.

So tops on my list, I am thankful for:
1. Jesus and the gift of everlasting life
2. My husband, who is an awesome man of God. He is cooking more and working so hard on our behalf, and is just the best dad ever.
3. Kyle, who will soon be taller than me - pitching in and cleaning the house and getting good grades.
4. Abigail who is the sunshine in my life- I love to laugh with her about silly things that girls laugh about.
5. Health – we have been so blessed with good health and as friends are struggling with theirs I appreciate mine all the more.
6. Convenieces – our dryer may not be working but it is repairable or replaceable. I am grateful not to have to wash clothes in a dirty river or stream.
7. Food – we will eat our fill this day, we don’t go hungry. Yet so many do, and it is a time to remember the food pantries and help them with needs so they can help others.
8. My new job – which is allowing us to pay the bills for the first time in 8 yrs. and removes a whole lot of strain from our household.
9. Family and friends – old and new, so many who bless and touch my life daily.
10. Freedom – we owe it all to those who are willing to fight to keep our country free from hostilities. Veterans from past, and soldiers of today, and their families, sacrifice so much. Because of the great leadership in our country we have not had another terrorist attach since 2001, and I am certain it is not from their lack of trying.

My list continued to grow as I typed…and it seems I have the journaling complete for yet another layout.

But I return to number one. Salvation is free to anyone who believes, and heaven will be more beautiful than I can begin to fathom. I am glad I am going there – not into the fiery pit, not coming back as a cockroach or horse or prince – but to a place where the sun never sets and our bodies are made new.

We give to the food pantries, donate clothing, and volunteer not because it is required for our salvation, but because we love the Lord want to please Him by serving and caring for His children all around the world. The Christmas shopping season is in full swing…consider spending less, giving more, loving all and worship fully. I will return to this thought as I talk about a service project our family is doing this advent season.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving – may your make memories to treasure and pages to preserve them.

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Teresa said...

and all I can say to your list is AMEN! Sister, Amen!