Saturday, November 22, 2008

Frog Blog!!! Oh my - a house guest!

We found it!!! For about a month now I have been hearing a noise in the basement when I am creating in my space. No, not the skritch scratch of a mouse...more of a melodic sound...a croak if you will. Yep...I highly suspected we had a tree frog semi-hibernating in our basement for the winter!

One reason I suspected this is about five years ago we found a tree frog in our basement in February. Apparently the guy got indoors in the late fall to hibernate. I contacted my friend Tom Curro, DVM who had moved to Nebraska, and being the herp specialist that he is - he told us how to take care of it until he could be release in May.

Really, these things are small and if a mouse can get in a tree frog can get in. We had our house fairly opened up in October when we had a new roof put on. No doubt that is when the frog, and other critters got in. The others are gone now...but every once in a while I heard a strange noise and investigating by the drain - searching futilely. BUT today we prevailed! It's 1 a.m. Saturday. The guys just got home from playing laser tag, came to the basement to tell me how they did..and we heard it. Kyle found it - go figure. That kid has an eye for critters. He was under a plant pot base - right next to the drain. I was looking for something the size of a quarter, but this fella is nickel sized and blends RIGHT in with the floor.

Now the problem... I have lost touch with Dr. Tom - will have to google and see if I can contact him. Anyone want to hop over to the Omaha Zoo and see if he is still operating on lions? (LOL) We need to find someone as I have almost forgotten instructions on "tree frog care through winter". We brought in the aqaurium - he probably does not even need a 10 gallon. I remember Tom said paper toweling for flooring substrate. Guess we need to make a trip to the pet store to find those small baby crickets. It was funny - Kyle found the frog and a bug next to it was even bigger. (ewwww - I know, a bug!)

Our family now has a guest for the winter. If the aqarium goes on the buffet that means no place for the Christmas village...oh well. Maybe he doesn't even need a 10 gallon -afterall, isn't he supposed to be hibernating? Maybe we can just make him a little bed, with green satin sheets and canopy top - bet he would be a happy frogger!

Ok - for those of you expecting a layout with the Paper Element - you will now have to wait another day. That was my plan before our discovery was made! (LOL)

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