Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gratitude for Liberty

Today the kids at Kyle's elementary school gave an awesome performance called "Spirit of America" - celebrating the history of our country. Words in one of the last songs spoke to my heart "gratitude for liberty". How often we take that for granted. I hope everyone who reads this blog exercised their right to vote.

Even our kids had the chance to vote today in their school. We've discussed the issues with our children and they know which issues are most important to their parents. They notice the bashing commercials, and people-slamming mailers that filled our mailboxes these past months attacking another candidate. Kyle spoke wisely when he said it is too bad that election campaigns can make people "war" with one another. Tonight I took the kids to dinner at Culver's, where a gal was out picketing with her candidate of choice along the highway. Kyle saw the sign and wanted to leave, but I said, "No, we came here to eat and a difference of opinion on an election is not going to change our plans." I explained that the sidewalk is public property and in this country everyone has the right to voice their opinion.

We've been praying a lot for the candidates over the past few days, and for the result of this election. The journaling in my layout reads:
"No matter the outcome, we cast our vote and know the One who commands the stars and the heavens is surely in control - even of this election."
God, who created the heavens and the earth, who made every creature, mountain and ocean - surely one who creates such greatness is in control of something as small as this election. We've explained to our children that even if this election does not go as we voted and hoped for, the Father above is really in charge and will put the person in charge of this country that He needs for such a time as this.

In our nightly prayers, in addition to local concerns and that of family and friends, we lift up our nation, our leaders - present and future, world leaders, soldiers and their families. We pray for the unborn, children without families, and those suffering at the hands of corrupted government. AND we have been praying for the God-guided discernment of the American people as we select our next leaders, may God's will be done.

I hope you have voted...and remember that our next president is really a tool, if you will, and the Master Maker is going to use him for what needs to transpire as our earthly journey continues towards that end of times. Until that glorious day when the Lord returns - always remember to pray for our leaders, even if you did not vote for them. Your children are watching.

Digital Credits:
Backgrounds, torn paper template by Mique Walcott at Kjoi Studios. Photos by Kyle and his mom.:-)


Gine said...

Beautiful page Rita

ellen said...

great page, rita. we definitely voted here, and the kids went with me to be part of the experience!

TxScrapAddict said...

Amen. We are sooo blessed as a country. Let's not forget it!

Tom, Sarah and Cole said...

What a great layout!! and an important topic your children have learned about.