Monday, September 1, 2008

Who's in your driver's seat?

Have you ever heard a song and became instantly inspired to create a page? This happens to me quite often, actually. Much of my scrapbooking inspiration comes from time with God – time in scripture, in prayer and meditation, and so very often – during praise and worship music. I get ideas during the Sunday morning message, too. I never go to worship without a writing tool and paper, and am often sketching or making notes for a layout on the ride home. (and I admit - sometimes in church, too) However, it seems like it takes me too long to pour my ideas out into concrete form.

This is the case for “Journey North” – inspired by a song I heard mid-2007 or so. From the moment I heard the lyrics I KNEW I had to scrap them. I went home from church and Googled the lyrics, which I had hurriedly written down as we sang them. I am pretty good at googling lyrics and was surprised to come up empty. Not long after hearing the song for the first time, we sang it again. This time I noticed the small print at the bottom of the projected slide….the song was written by Paul LeFeber, one of the musical talents on the praise and worship team at Blackhawk Church. No wonder I could not find it – the song was an original!

The song has a catchy tune that sticks with me, as do the lyrics, and I predict it will one day be sung at praise and worship services throughout the country. The first part of the song goes like this:
You’re the maker, wrapped up in glory
You’re the giver, of peace that lies within
You’re the compass for every journey
You’re the author of the story we’re all in.

Spirit of God, rise up in us
With one voice we will sing of Your love
Spirit of God, lead where you will
I will follow you throughout the world,
Sprit of God, rise up in us!

Actually, I have a couple of layout ideas from this song, but the layout I am sharing today focuses on God being the Compass of my life. We all have ideas, dreams, directions that we think we should go. For those who have been reading my blog you are aware of the journey I have been on to seek a new job that utilizes my God given gifts. Finding your way in the journey can be confusing, and even discouraging. It has been for me, BUT because I have peace from within, I am able to quickly brush disappointment off my shoulder and allow God’s will to prevail in my life. I trust that He has me where He wants me to serve. As I shared earlier on my give-away post, I am celebrating an answer to prayer. An answer given by God after I had totally submitted to His will and put Him in the driver’s seat.

The journaling reads:
It is only by trusting in God completely that I can find peace during times of confusion and disappointment. As I struggled with His decision to close a door I so badly wanted to go through, I knew that my heavenly Father was in control, and trusted Him to be the Compass for my journey. I totally submitted to His will - desiring only to glorify Him with the gifts He had given me. Once I did this He opened the door wide, and gave me a new ministry involving my passion. God is so amazing!

Interestingly enough there were two challenges in August that motivated me to finally scrap this layout. Dahlia’s scripture challenge at was “compass of peace”, and Gine’s AAM challenge at the Scrapbook Playground in August was “journey”. This was a sign to me from God that it was TIME to scrap my “compass” page.

The digital elements used in this page come from a variety of talented designers at both Faithsisters and Kjoi Studios: Dahlia, Sunny Kohler, Susan Blanton, Nikki Painter, Krystal Hartley, Kara Jones and Sande Kreiger. I have to say taking a self-portrait while driving was a bit of a challenge, but I assure you I was going slow on a side street, no one was behind me and I aimed blindly into the rearview mirror. I think I took about 15 shots before I finally had a pic in which my head wasn't cut off. Abby and I were getting a good chuckle out of it, so it was hard to keep a straight, "meditative" face. (LOL)

If you are part of a praise and worship team I encourage you to look up Sonkite Music and the song “Rise Up”. I am sure your congregation will enjoy it and catch the underlying message. I hope you enjoy this page, and remember to allow God in your driver’s seat and point that compass north! The journey will be an amazing ride!

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Beautiful layout. Inspiring song!