Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm in the Tag Game!

Does anyone know the expression "life is just ducky"? What does that mean anyhow? Anyhow, wanted to share this card I made. I found the baby ducks by Jolee's on sale at Michael's and they were too cute to resist.

My friend Marti from SBPG tagged me. I admit, I am not always good at responding to tags for lack of time. My friend Julie can attest to that as she tagged me a week ago to list 6 random facts about myself. How about this I am going to give this a go – and do both of these tags. I will tag 6 others and you have a choice to list either 6 random facts about yourself, or 7 strange things about yourself. Can’t combine though –as it makes it too easy. (LOL)

If you are tagged at the end of this post, do one of the above and tag 6 others, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know.

Let’s see – SEVEN, only 7?, strange things about myself.
1. I talk to my computer – but hey, I found out I am not as strange as I thought when I hear others doing the same.
2. Last night I had a dream – I was at a seminar and we were being given a test. I remember answering questions ok, but I awoke with a headache and took two Aleeve and went back to bed. How strange to get stressed while sleeping!
3. I don’t like to my toes to show – nope, can’t stand my toes. Only buy closed-toe sandals, and when I wear flip flops to the pool I get my feet in the water asap.
4. I drink lots and lots of water. Rarely a soda or alcoholic drink. I have coffee in the morn, a glass of milk with dinner, but I carry a water bottle with me at all times. I don’t think it is helping me lose weight (obviously), but I am determined to ward off another surgery on L4/S5 down the line – and the doc said lack of water plays a big part in back/spinal issues.
5. My make up consists of lipstick. My skin tends to react to foundation, and we won’t even go into that gunky stuff you put on eyelashes – what’s that called again?
6. I seldom paint my nails because I don’t want to spend the time taking it off when it starts to chip and peel
7. As long as I am busy – housework, creating, whatever – I can go forever – like the Energizer bunny. Sit me down in front of a television and I am instantly tired – so I need popcorn to keep me awake for most shows.

SIX RANDOM facts about me
1. I was raised on a dairy farm, and was a morning person all my lift until I started scrapping late into the night
2. I saved my money and bought myself a horse at age 12 – she was my BF living out in the country. We’d go for long rides after evening chores, and on the return trip home I would wrap the reins around the saddle horn, lie down, sing, whatever – but just totally relax and let her take us home. I love those memories!
3. I love praise and worship music – it totally inspires me and is what I listen to most while scrapping.
4. I’m an otter. Don’t expect you to know what that means but I recently took a personality profile and that’s the critter I was classified as. Can’t recall all of what that means – other than I scored 100% as a people person. Makes sense – otters seem rather personable and friendly.
5. I love turtles – and am thinking DS may need one as a pet. (LOL) I just obtained info from our veterinarian on an area reptile rescue – I think I will email and get on a turtle/tortoise list. This could be a secret plot against my hubby who said DS has no more room for pets in his bedroom, but it’s not his fault the lovebird loves me instead of him. Finicky parrots.
6. I can hear my 5 yr young daughter singing her lungs out – she is into making up songs, and I wish I had a voice recorder that I could secretly use.

TAG TIME! I tag these 6 people.

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Laura F: http://barelyhanginon.blogspot.com/
Suz R: http://scrappybucket.blogspot.com/
Shawna W.: http://twokidspaper.blogspot.com/
Debby: http://www.blogger.com/profile/12742539000277925485


Debby said...

Too much Fun Rita...I'm heading over to my blog to see if I can do this!

Bucket said...

ahaah I played along with you. I know you are probably going to think I am as crazy as ever!

Lily said...

Thanks for the fun facts!

Lynn Anne said...

Rita, that is just the cutest card ever! Stellar!