Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 Minute Deviation

So I received a package the other day from Fiskars. It contains Max's Backyard collection by Cloud 9 Designs. It's wonderful - especially since I have a bug loving boy! But hey - I am a butterfly nut. I am intrigued by these winged beauties. When I saw the glittery butterfly die-cuts I just knew I would have to use it for home decor.

I had a mojo moment this afternoon. Anyone remember those candle holders from the 80's - ya know, the ones where you melt wax in a variety of colors (melt down old candles) and drip it down the outside of a bottle? Well, that's kind of what I was reminded of when I dripped my Adirondack inks down the outside of a milk bottle. I set my bottle on a styrofoam plat, and just dripped one color after the next- sometimes picking up the bottle to angle and overlap the flow. My plain jar now is a work of art -especially with sunshine coming in behind it through a window.

I put a large flower over the dairy logo, used foam adhesive to lift the butterfly die-cut off the flower and walah! A beautiful butterfly jar for my buttons. I tied some ribbon on just because. I have more milk bottles that I use for scrap storage, not too mention all those Prima jars. I bet I could alter all my bottles with alcohol inks in less than an hour. Line them all up on a plate and drip away!

A circle sticker from Max's Backyard was the perfect jar lid topper.

Easy peasy scraproom decor. Never pass up a cool glass bottle! Now, back to my regularly scheduled scrapbooking project!


Stacey said...

Looks great Rita! I love using my alcohol inks on glass bottles

Marti said...

That's fabulous Rita! I love it!