Monday, August 18, 2008

Book Winner/Don’t Let It Bug You

Sneak Peek …read on for a link to this fun project!

I apologize for the delay in posting the winner of the Fabulous Friendships book giveaway. I decided to take the kids on one of the last “hurrahs” of summer and we went to our friend’s lake house for the weekend. We had a relaxing time. I always find it amusing that our friend Shawn becomes a gourmet cook while at his home on the lake. He dotes on his wife – their second home is his project and she, and many friends, get to enjoy it. Some of the treats we enjoyed were Belgian waffles with fresh fruit, stuffed tenderloin and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake – New York style. We were so spoiled!!

The lake was too cold to swim in, for my tastes anyhow. Kyle and I caught some bluegills and I had a test of wills with a large mouth bass…and he won. Urgh!! I swear that fish purposely spit out the hook to send the bobber flying at my eyeball – fortunately I moved my head in time. Next time I am going back with a bigger hook!

We returned from the lake Sunday afternoon – everyone, but me, has a summer cold and the guys have fevers as well. I personally just felt wiped out. Perhaps it had something to do with little feet poking into my back and side for a couple of rather sleepless nights. (LOL) Without further adieu…by random number the winner of the book is poster #59 – Teresa. Congratulations!

What do you least enjoy about summer? Is it the bugs? I personally think summer would be a whole lot more enjoyable if it were void of mosquitoes. However, because of my son I am finding some bugs to be of interest, even fascinating. Today my special project created just for Fiskars Crafts made its debut on their web-site. Check it out! Inspired by a growing collection of bug and other critter photos, I decided to make a mini-album dedicated to these creatures and the boy that loves them. I really am surprised at how much time I have spent on to identify some strange insect discovered in our backyard. Cloud 9 Designs has the perfect collection for the bug lover in your life called Max’s Backyard. The 3D bug stickers, glitter bug stickers and rub-ons, die-cuts and patterned papers were so much fun to work with.

I hope you will enjoy the concept of this album – it is waterfall album in which I used my Fiskars border punches to mix up the edge designs. You can download the complete instructions as a PDF file, which includes several designer tips. I purposely did not supply directions for each page layout – as everyone is going to have different sizes and number of photos. My photos certainly varied for each “insect or critter grouping” and the design process was determined by the photos I wanted to use.

Bugs make you squeamish? Use the mixed-up-border concept to create a mini-album about any subject. Max’s Backyard has awesome quote cards and word stickers to make a real cute album about that little boy, or girl, in your life that enjoys playing in the dirt, exploring the outdoors and being one with nature.

Be sure to come back and visit me soon – I am gearing up for another give away!

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