Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Embrace Your Journaling

Lately I have been embracing my hand-writing, and I believe I owe much of this to the use of cute journaling blocks that are available. I have stamps to create a spot for journaling, some manufacturers are actually making die-cut journaling blocks, but I admit I am loving creating my own as well.
I love to find dingbat fonts and create blocks that match the theme of my page. Since my background is graphic arts - laying out and designing my own blocks is a piece of cake. Someone once told me I ought to sell my journaling block designs- but I am seriously just havin' fun with it. (LOL)
A few weeks ago I came upon another idea while creating the two pager above, Soaking Wet. I wanted to use the tone on tone blue design patterned cardstock by Upsy Daisy for my journailng. I also wanted to have it print within a circle shape that split across the two page seam - which was a bit more challenging than all being contained on one, and easily done on the computer. My resolution was as clear as can you have one of those Sakura clear glaze pens? (if you do you are probably loving it like I do to make things glossy on your page)
I decided to use my clear pen for another purpose, and using a straight edge I drew lines on my circle halves to use as a guide for hand-writing my story. You can barely see the journaling lines on the finished layout, and it looks like I am skilled in writing in a straight line- believe me, I am not! So the next time you want to hand write and fear the inevitable downhill penmanship - get out your clear pen and make your invisible "cheat marks". (LOL)
Another tip - use a complimentary color in a fine tip pen or marker, and make your journaling lines a part of your design. I love this look too, and I must say, my family is quite happy that I am embracing my hand-writing while creating...this one computer household usually has a line up of people waiting to "get on". Hmmmm. I think I may have just come up with a topic for a new layout!
Would you like one more tip? Instead of using a ruler as a straight edge cut a piece of cardstock, or chipboard, in a width that matches the space you are comfortable writing in. Approximately 1/4" works well for me, but if I have a lot to say in a small amount of space I may cut my strip a bit smaller. Draw your first line with a ruler to ensure you start out straight, and from then on use your straight-edge cardstock strip, line it up to the ruler line and step down (or up - your choice!) your journaling lines. I always tend to have skinny strips of cardstock on my workspace, so this was a "grab it and go with it" idea a while back, and has also become a regular technique. I hope you find these tips useful - happy hand-writing!
Can you see it now? (LOL)

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java diva said...

Rita, that is THE CUTEST lo and journaling! I absolutely love that!! Hilarious! You are so talented. And thank you so much for sharing that glimpse of your life with your readers.