Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun With Cardstock!

For a patterned paper lover like myself, being assigned projects utilizing only cardstock can be a challenge! But ya know...get past the initial few seconds of thinking "what now" and the mojo sets in! Get out the inks, punches, micro-tip scissors and get creative.

Our son loves canteloupe - so when melon colored cardstock was sent to me I immediately knew I needed to chronicle our son's most very favorite food. I also noticed that my favorite coffee cup huggies reminded me of the texture of a melon - and had fun creating a vine with torn cardstock leaves.

Here are some ideas when creating a page about your child's favorite food:
1. Set up a shot - take a good photo of the food only. I keep a burlap sack around just for use as a photo prop. It made a great background, and in Photoshop I used a font that gives a stamped appearance to make it appear as though the bag was stamped for the purpose of shipping melon. Don't be afraid to use your photo editing software to try some fun techniques on your photos!

2. Visit the USDA web-site and copy the nutrition facts on your child's favorite food. Print it on a tag or piece of cardstock to include on the layout.

3. Create art to replicate the food. For a pizza a triangle "slice" dotted with circles punched from red would make fabulous pepperoni pizza! Fruit is pretty easy to replicate - think geometric shapes and alter your circle and square punched pieces to create your own fruity artwork!

On a personal note... today is the day our 5 yr. gets a real haircut for the first time, as in - more than a trim. Her hair is not long enough for Locks of Love, but we do plan to send it in to be used in creating bangs for wigs, or sometimes it is sold to help fund the making of wigs for children battling cancer.

Tomorrow she "experiences kindergarten" and is so excited about going to her future school - these are both milestones in her young life, and I admit - makes me a little sad to realize that my baby is definitely not. I mentioned this morning how I missed her being my baby and it made me a little sad to know that soon she will be going to kindergarten. She asked me why, and I said...because my baby girl is growing up and soon she will be in kindergarten. She said, "That's ok mom - I will still come home once in a while to visit and play with you" - now doesn't that sound like a kid going off to college? geesh! But it was cute how she put on her best consoling voice - kids are so fun, enjoy them while they are young!

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