Monday, April 14, 2008

Apple of His Eye

What is it about daddy's and their little girls? They will do almost anything for them. As I listened to Abby laughing and giggling tonight as her dad came home from work and played silly games (ya know...kiss the piggies, allow her to squeeze his face to make funny noises...that sort of thing) I realize how important daddy's are to their daugthers. Right now it is all games, play and some discipline. Oh, and daddy is the only one Abby ever really wants to comb her long heair...

Daddy's lift their little girls high in the air to touch ceilings, or in the case of today's shared layout -reach an apple high in an orchard tree. They lift them up for protection when a strange dog approaches too fast, and someday... and it will come, this daddy will be scrutinizing the boys she brings home. As fast as time seems to fly these is not that far off, and I suspect this daddy-O is going to be pretty protective. (LOL) But right now I just enjoy the laughter and the blessings that fill this home when we are all together.

Upsy Daisy papers were used in "Apple of His Eye" - yes, these are some older Daisy papers, and I did not even realize they are no longer available until I was visiting their site last week. I admit - I love this layout and I am loving my newer Fiskars tools, aka the coveted "Threading Water" punch.

A friend suggested I try out for their DT call - scary thought. I have not tried out for a mfr. team in what seems a year - after so many disappointments I have more or less developed the attitude of "let them come to me" - and although it may not happen that way with a manufacturer, that is how I landed on the three design teams I create for and it is such a blessing and honor to be asked.

So back to Upsy Daisy - one needs to use UD product. Well, I found out about this last week and there was absolutely no time to order. However, I love the three projects I did create and although not new product, I am hoping that my use and designs will make all seem fresh and appealing. I wish I could share them with you, but for now have to keep them under wraps. Wish me luck - or better yet - lift a prayer up for me! One of my biggest dreams is to design for a manufacturer, but not just any one - only those whose products truly inspire me. As I reviewed Upsy Daisy's product line I found myself in want BIG time, and the new lines coming out have birds and butterflies - oh be still my heart!

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Lori said...

What a beautiful lo!!!

Love what you said about Daddy's!!! Being a Daddy's girl myself, even at 34, I know my DD is so lucky for the relationship she has with her Daddy!!