Friday, February 8, 2008

Purity of Heart

"He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false... will receive a blessing from the Lord." - Psalm 24:4-5a

Purity of heart
- this is the topic for Faith Discovery challenge this week. The Christian based site for scrapbookers has encouraged me to add another study to my week, and although I do no always get a challenge layout finished, I am growing from the verses the topic will take me to and open my heart to what God has for me to learn. The layout I am sharing today was made with a freebie download - Pure of Heart Collaboration Kit put together by the talented designers at FaithSisters. The kit is available as a freebie for one week, and will then be available in the store. Click on the link above to get yours today, and check back often for future collaboration kits.

In today's world this is so very difficult, yet God wants us to keep our hearts pure and remain focused on Him. I have always loved this photo of our daughter taken when she was two, simply playing with water that bubbles out of a rock at our neighbor's home. The clear water washing over her hand reminds me of the cleansing of our sins when we ask Jesus into our heart.

I see our son growing in faith, making good choices, and he is pretty well grounded and unaffected by things that can garner the attention of ten year old boys. He is happy with his Playstation 2 and has never expressed interest in the new Wii that was the hot ticket item for boys his age this past Christmas. He could care less what brand his blue jeans are, and to my dismay, even if they are getting a little short. When I express concern about wearing "high waters", as we called them when I was young, he really does not seem to care and says kids don't notice. It is obvious that he doesn't - he really has no sense of vanity.

This is perhaps, where a line is drawn between male and female. I notice those things. Our daughter is still young and pretty oblivious to what is popular. She is focused on two pair of shoes, and has no desire to wear something cute - like flip flops or sandals. I am the one who felt she needed a pair of jeans with applique's and sparkles, so she would have something similar to that of her friends. Her friends mention Barbie, High School Musical or Hanna Montanna and Abby is clueless. Her world revolves around Knex and deploying her Webkins as troops... the things she sees her big brother doing.

As you can see, it is I who have concerns for our children's popularity - they are not affected by such things. It probably stems back to my own childhood, and the desire to be popular. When I was in 4th grade I recall being picked on because I was not allowed to wear jeans to school, and glasses did not help my appearance. Today children are actually taught to accept differences in the classroom, and that is a good thing. I hope our daughter will always remain unaffected by trends, but being a girl, I feel avoiding the desire to be popular is going to be more difficult for her.

This is where God comes in. Our children are learning early about the importance of having Christ in their lives. If we, as parents set an example, and remain focused on God, and are careful not to raise up false idols before Him - I pray our children will do well when choosing between popularity and faith.

The Psalm shared today reminds me how to live. I am aware that when it comes to feeding my brain, garbage in - garbage out. I avoid many shows that are popular. "Desperate Housewives" is a good example, a show that cuts down the sanctity of marriage and is prime for moral degradation. Television offers very little this day and age for the Christian who's desire is to fill their minds only with wholesome thoughts, as God instructs us to do. What about a show that uplifts marriage and righteous living? I can visualize a show about wives, and husbands, whose spouses serve in the military, and how they carry on as single parents while their mate fights for freedom. I can see drama, heart, and unity as a block of "dedicated army wives" stand together and help each other out through tough times. These women would be loyal to their husbands, strong in keeping their familiy together - I could applaud such a show, but with our world in moral decline, it woudl be hard pressed for ratings.

Television is one just one vice that a person needs to be aware of in striving to live a pure life for God. Fashion, recreational choices, the friends you choose, and even participating in talk around the work place can make a heart unpure. Look around you and try to view your life through God's eyes. Would He be pleased with your choices? Is popularity getting in the way of faithfulness? If so, consider a change, ask God for cleansing, and let your heart purification begin.

Additional digital elements:
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