Friday, February 29, 2008

Consider your quirks- rediscover yourself!

February must have been the month to reflect on what makes YOU unique. Do you know what it is? Kjoi studios had a quirk LO challenge in February. Which led me to lead a discussion thread at the Scrapbook Playground to ask what everyone's quirks are.

What are your quirks, do you need to ask friends and family? I had coffee with a friend of mine, former room mate, and asked her if she remembers any of my quirks even though we haven't lived together in 20 yrs. Oh yeah...she did not disappoint. Some of her accounts were hilarious, and I couldn't believe I could be so extreme. She told me I was a list maker, and on my wedding day (she and her now husband stood up for us in our wedding) I had detailed a timetable, which included "have breakfast with Tim and Lisa at 8:10 a.m., brush teeth and do hair by 9 a.m.," etc. Ok, would I really forget to brush my teeth on my wedding day? (or any day for that matter) What I would do now to have a copy of that list and scrap it!

At the Playground I realized I shared many of the same quirks as other people..and can now make an entire quirky mini album! Last night I created a 2 page digital layout on lipstick...yes, one of my quirks and I wanted to scrap it for the Kjoi challenge. Who would figure one can do a two page layout on lipstick?!!

I want to seriously encourage you to make a list of your own quirks and scrap them - whether in a single or two page LO, a simple tag album that has one written quirk per tag (no pic needed), or a mini album and include some pics if you can. This would be a great keepsake for your family and leave a legacy of the quirks that make you unique!

I plan to create a mini album of my quirks. Yesterday I made a smiley face in Photoshop and put it up on my computer monitor and took a photo. I talk to my computer all the time - and it is nice to see it smiling back at me - probably laughing that I would talk to it, since it obviously cannot speak my language. Other things I can take pictures of...the roll of toilet paper and how I like it to drape over vs. hang under, the fact that I prefer a box of tissue in every room of the house, the truth that I cannot get to sleep, no matter how tired, if there is ANY noise in the house (makes for taking naps impossible). The list goes on...and I think scrapping these quirks will allow me to take a good look at myself and ponder the unique person that God has made me. So there you go - enjoy your quirks for the journey you are on and marvel at the special person you are!

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