Saturday, February 16, 2008

Celebrating My Love

I know Valentine's Day is past, but it is never too late to create a layout about the most important person in your life, right? I was so busy making Valentine cards for my family members, and special friends going through difficult times right now, that I did not have time to scrap a layout for my sweetheart. This is something I have done annually the past couple of years. The nice thing about being "late" is that I could incorporate a bit of the Valentine my husband gave me on the 14th. The card I was given had scripture from Song of Solomon, chapter 3, verse 4: "...I found the one my heart loves." My husband's card was very moving - I love Dayspring cards. It did not go without notice that both of us thanked one another for being Godly spouses. I love how God moves in our lives.
It just so happened that the discovery challenge at this week also encourages us to create a layout about the special someone in our life. Not surprisingly, it was also the Feb. 14 challenge at the Scrapbook Playground - a part of their montly long February crop event.
Thursday night a valentine poem came into my head. I wrote it on a post it note, in arms reach, and tucked it into my jeans pocket. Friday morning I put a load of wash in before work. Friday afternoon I wanted to start on the layout, and I realized I could not find the poem. I ran to the dryer, found the post it in my jeans pocket, and nothing was legible. Oh well... I started over.

Although some of the lines seem silly - the words ring true. The chocolate line was totally inspired by the chocolate hearts on the "Love Me Tender" quick page (digital) by Penny Lewis at I SO LOVE dark chocolate! But the mention of chipboard...this is about my scrapbooking and the time it involves. I know that my passion to create, the creative team deadlines I have, bite into special alone time with my husband, and I need to work on that. Thus, the chipboard line really applies to all my supplies - but I love chipboard LOTS! (LOL) Here is my poem, second time around:
I love you more than chocolate 'cuz your love won't melt away.
I love your more than chipboard 'cuz you aim to please me everyday.
I love you more than a fuzzy sweater 'cuz you always keep me warm.
I love you more than anything 'cuz our love has weathered storms.
I love you - just 'cuz you are my love.

The rest of the digital elements for this page are credited to:
Dragons Lair - notebook paper and stop watch, and Oval Bookplate – Cactus Mango Designs downloaded from
Trevor's Treasures kit – red chipboard heart
Scroll Stamps - seishido

As you can tell from my short supply list - I did not add a whole lot to Penny's fabulous quick page filled with layered flowers around a frame and cool scrolls and ric rack. To add in the notebook paper, chipboard heart and bookplate I used layers to my advantage in Photoshop. I reduced the opacity of the newly introduced element, and carefully used the eraser tool to remove the portions that I wanted "tucked under". Once done I returned the opacity to 100%. This is a great trick for adding additional elements to a quick page to personalize it. If you are inclined not to download quick pages because you "want to have complete creative control" (this is how I was) - try this approach. I have learned that I can work with quick pages and still introduce my own personal style (which has to have a circle somewhere!).

Quick pages can often be downloaded as freebies by a designer wanting to introduce you to a new kit they have put together. Don't be afraid - give them a try!


Scrap Evangel said...

Fantastic lo!! Love your blog.

Lucille said...

Wow. You are truly an inspiration! I'm not 1/2 as talented as you!

I enjoy reading your blog - keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

When I have more time I'll have to come back and read more of your blog. Thankyou for the comment you left on my Peace layout. The materials used were
pattern paper is Cosmo Cricket Dutch girl Klara. The circle around the photo is a sticker by creative imaginations narratives. The flowers are cutout from patterned paper Autum Leaves Tiffany's. Letter stickers are doodlebug design inc hopscotch.

Dahlia Co said...

Hey Rita! You've been tagged so come over to my blog for more details!

Mary Leeson said...

Rita, I love this layout of your hubby. Love your're such a blessing. thanks!