Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hybrid Cards Offer Flexibility

I am very much enjoying digi scrapping, and when I combine it with traditional scrapping the results can be so incredible. I made this "journey" card for my husband to celebrate his new ministry - I knew days ago which photo I would want to use. It was amusing to me that the program cover for the commissioning celebration on Tuesday night used a very similar photo.

This card became hybrid because the color printer actually skewed my cardstock at the very end as it fed through. The bottom of the printed image was crooked. I was just going to trim things and fix it that way, and then I thought - why not find some papers to go with and make it a hybrid instead. So I mustered up some Mustard Moon and found a wonderful scrap of green textured Paper Trunk, tore some edges, cut around my framed photo, and attached my two, torn and inked pieces. I think the colors of the striped paper really add a lot more depth and warmth to this card than it would have otherwise had.

Now, looking at it again I should have printed the verse from 1 Corinthians in an oatmeal colored type vs. brown, but hey, my husband won't notice that. HOWEVER, now that I have this card designed...there is nothing stopping me from changing it up a bit for other occassions. Can you see graduation? I can - and even have a quote in my head to put in place of the scripture, in oatmeal colored type of course!
Does a hybrid card have any less meaning than one made exclusively with glue, hammer, hole punches and lots of fabulous embellishments? I don't think so. I still had to muddle through lots of digi files to find just the right papers, frame and photo anchor. Finding the butterfly by J. Schmitt in my TTS Trevor's Treasure's kit was a bonus. The green paper by DigiDiva was a 12x12 design, but I resized it to 8.5" width and pulled the bottom portion onto my letter sized document. Knowing where my card was to fold, I then cut and pasted the top portion of the patterned paper onto my card - so that the flourished design would meet in the middle, vs. have the top of the card front unadorned. I love Kara Jones cardboard grunge frame and have recently moved it to a folder of favorite embellishments. I finally put that wonderful rustic ribbon loop brad by Amy Teets into a folder of FUD (frequently used digi) - as I seem to always have a hard time finding it when I go in search for use on a page. It goes well with so many of my earthy layouts.

If you like to play with photo editing software why not give hybrid card making a try. I think you might like the results, and use a favorite photo over and over to send a different message for different needs. Now, back to my card project... thanks for stopping by!

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