Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Generous Spirit

Happy cold and blustery Tuesday! The Lord dumped 8" plus of beautiful snow on us last night, and although I am tired of snow - I have to admit it blankets the world with amazing beauty! It also makes me slow down while driving and drink in the gorgeous details of nature.

Our bible study group has been discussing generous living lately, and I thought it was a good topic to bring to light On My Journey. The layout above was created with the wonderful Winter Survival Kit from Homegrown Scrapbooks. My friend, Meri, and her son recently returned from a mission trip in Liberia. She has gone on a number of trips, and both her children have joined her at different times. My sister, her husband and daughter arrived back home last week after a mission trip to Haiti. These people are making an investment in God's kingdom - using their resources and time to obey the command of the Great Commission. By serving the poor and oppressed they can bring the light of Christ and His love to the poorest countries on earth.

Supporting these missionaries for the gospel in prayer and financial has been such a blessing. It allows me to participate in missions when I cannot physically go myself. I love to hear the stories, and how lives are changed.

My friend Meri is also passionate about an orphanage in Malawi, Africa - McKallie's Home of Future and Hope. You can find the link at the lower right corner of my blog to learn more, or make a direct donation. On Feb. 2 several music groups will gather and ofter their talents to God to raise money for Africa and the children. If you live near Cross Plains, WI please stop in to St. Martin's Lutheran Church for an evening of praise, thanksgiving, laughter and a soul lifting experience! Admission is simply a giving from your heart and all goes towards the orphanage.

Speaking of giving...I realized what a giving heart my uncle (who lives next door) has as he swept into our driveway with his bobcat this morning and cleared the snow. He has been doing this for so many years now. With my bad back, and my husband having very early morning work hours, and our driveway being very steep - his generosity to our family is such a blessing. I snapped a few pictures, and realize I need to scrap a page to preserve the memory of all he has done for us.

Is there someone in your life that continually shows an act of kindness? Sometimes we take these acts for granted, but perhaps they are overlooked on our scrapbook pages. I challenge you to scrap a page about an act or person who is making a difference in your life - the unsung hero, so to speak. Please share your creations with me afterwards!


Ruth said...

I just found your blog through a scrapbooking email - I really enjoyed it! As a believer, I found it refreshing to read your praise to God for all He has done.
I love the blackdrop idea and plan to use it since I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and enjoy a snowy winter.

Lacintha said...

Hi Rita...thanks for the blog visit.I love this post,and your challenge is awsome!!! :)