Sunday, January 6, 2008

A little something to toot about

Adding on to my Sunday post, because having a layout picked up for publication is always exciting.

I have two toots from the past 48 hours, which is nice after hearing some calls went out for an issue I was hoping to get something picked up for. Stampington and Co. has requested In Daddy's Arms to appear in Life's Images. Just this morning Scrapbook Dimensions contacted me about a layout, Eyes, for their upcoming February issue! I have no idea how a magazine can whip out a magazine so quickly, but I sent off my hi-res file immediately.

An editor from Memory Makers tipped me off about an on line file sharing service caleld You Send It. It is invaluable in sending 300 dpi layout files off to editors for publication, as my computer seems to balk at those huge files. We also learned that zipping a jpeg file has very little effect on it's overall size. Keep this in mind should you ever need to send out a large file!

To celebrate these toots my family is taking care of dinner tonight. Our son offered to scramble eggs for us, but we opted to order in Chinese. By the way, my family totally questions where we scrappers came up with the phrase "toot". If you are a pre-schooler, toot has a whole 'nother meaning than what we are referring to! (LOL) I explained that it is in reference to "tooting your own horn", still - they think it is odd we are proud to "toot", when around here it usually is followed by an "excuse me" and a giggle.

Also, this week please keep my sister Teresa and her husband Dale in prayer. They flew out Friday for what is becoming an annual trip to Haiti for missionary work. They always hope to see the children they sponsor and see how they are faring. Please pray for safety, health and joy in doing God's work.

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Lynn Anne said...

uhm...glad your toots are not of the prek variety - lol! I've been so in the mood for Chinese myself lately too...need a toot to justify some I think :) Happy New Year!