Monday, July 2, 2007

First Week in July - Preparing for CHA

As I type this I am listening to some old recordings Jesse made of Kyle leaving messages for him at his workplace. Kyle must be 5-6 years old, and the messages are just cracking me up. It is amazing how his voice has matured. In one message Kyle is asking his father questions..."what does divided mean", and "what is toothpaste made out of?" So cute!

It is the first week in July. It is going to be a hectic work week -always is with a holiday or vacation involved. Tuesday the kids and I are going to visit my sister's family for the 4th celebration. My folks are driving us - which is so very sweet of them and alleviates any worires Jesse has about our old car. We look forward to the parade, fireworks, and time in the pool.

Speaking of fireworks, it's the first year Abby enjoyed them. We watched fireworks at Jesse's sister's home Saturday night. Sure, she covered her ears, but she was yelling out the colors as they burst in the sky and clapping along with everyone else. I love going to Nola's to celebrate the fourth.

Freedom. What a gift we have in this country. I came across a photo of Kyle in his grandpa's army jacket and cap for Halloween. It is interesting how one can have a plan for a photo, but months later the plan changes. Perhaps it is because Independence Day is soon to come, and I know that freedom is never free. Kyle prays for the soliders every night before bed...and that is going to be the focus of this layout. I wish I had time to get it down and share before Wednesday, but that won't happen.

My cards are selling really well at the Crossroads Coffeehouse on Main St. in Cross Plains. In fact, I was quite surprised Friday night to see the inventory is under a dozen. My next two weeks will be focused not on creating layouts, but making and restocking my card inventory!

I am also preparing for CHA - the big tradeshow for all things scrapbooking in Chicago in two weeks. I still have to review the schedule and get my tickets booked for Van Galder bus lines. I am not sure how I will ever find Stephanie Fearn, of Selah Scrappers, in the convention crowd without a cell phone. But God will bring us together no doubt! Steph told me to create a portfolio on a CD. I have spent the weekend gathering up my layouts, and am ready to burn CDs. Not sure that I will really be able to go around to the manufacturers and "sell myself". That is SO outside the box for me. I am really looking forward to meeting people I have only "talked to" on the message boards in person. I am so excited to meet my "sister" Stephanie, in person. I can't wait to meet Deb from Scraptalk, and Wendy from the Playground. Sure hope I am able to meet with these ladies and more! Have a great July 4th everyone!

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