Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Fab Discoveries!!

But first...I want to shout out a WOO HOO! Memory Makers requested an "I Wish" theme LO for the January 2008 issue. It was my original idea for the Masters contest, but then second guessed that everyone will "wish" for their children, so I created another for the contest. Hope I made the right layout choice for Masters!

Today I want to introduce The Paper

Sunday at CHA I had no agenda...I just wandered around. In the far back room I came upon this row of fancily decorated tables... it was apparently a deisgner showcase of party tables with themes - the settings would put Martha Stewart to shame.

I get done checking out the tables and come around the corner to what must be the most remote booths in the entire trade show...and there on the end was a collection of papers that stopped me in my tracks - designed by Lisa at the Paper Element. Boy stuff, girl stuff, any where you go stuff... every single sheet of paper was totally delicious and I could easily be inspired and scrap with every one! As a designer, that was the big thing I noticed about CHA - I was either inspired by new product, or not. I will say that the mojo flowed very readily with some of the newer CHA discoveries. Without further a-do -check out The Paper Element. I love it all, but totally am drooling to get my hands on Coffee, Fruits, and Sweet. It's even better IRL - gotta get it now!

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ellen said...

hi rita! have been meaning to come by for a visit! gald you had fun at CHA...i love how you found some secret treasures!