Sunday, July 8, 2007

Color - You Are What You Wear, Right?

Seemed like a good reason to go shopping, so if you don't believe in that statement keep it under the rug. (LOL)
Aqua blue has long been a favorite of mine. Chocolate brown is another color I love on my scrapbook pages. As much as I have loved these colors for the past several years they have not been present in my wardrobe. Until today...
While all the manufacturer's are releasing sneak peeks of their new product lines, here's my sneak peek of some new additions to my wardrobe! Aren't they wonderful? What I would do to get my hands on patterned paper in these colors and prints!

Ok - call it vanity, but I am going to CHA in a couple weeks. My first scrapbook industry related tradeshow. I looked in my wardrobe... I haven't bought anything new this season, nor last I am pretty certain. The fabrics of my print tops have lost that smoothness that new clothes have - did I want to attend CHA as a designer wearing slightly shabby chic? That's not my style... or I would.

I love color - I love bold greens and pinks, black and red, and dark chocolate brown especially with shades of blue. I am always attracted to these combos when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. Well, today I went into my newly discovered "made for me" store - CJ Banks - and found these colors. I have never worn the color hair is brown, my eyes are brown - monochromatic is not me when it comes to clothing.

I have not splurged on myself in the NEW clothing department for years. Yes, I did buy 2 pairs of crop pants this spring...and a tank on clearance, but sometimes it's necessary. I have just melded into the world of CHOCOLATE - I love brown in my pages, but always avoided it in clothing. Now I wonder why - I just discovered I look GOOD in brown! I splurged, but in the most sensible way. $85 total and came home with a pair of crop pants, a black skirt with white floral print (and I have been in need of a nice black skirt for years - never found what I had wanted before). I found my FAVE color combo - chocolate and turquoise/aquas for a couple of tops, and a fab kiwi green printed T - and when I put that on my face really lit up. It's all about color -on the pages and on my bod. (LOL)

So hey - I just wanted to share my happiness in finding colors I love to wear. The best part is my greeting card sales can pay for it. If I can only find a red top to go with that black/white skirt I found today... (LOL)


Fabulous said...

My Minds Eye has papers like those fabrics :)


Kitty said...

ha ha - it says that I'm "fabulous" above. What a hoot!