Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Growing up too fast!

This is what Jesse and I tell ourselves as we are watching our children mature this summer. Both are getting taller, but growth is showing up in their behaviors, too.

This morning Abby reports to me in an exasperated voice..."I NOTICED my brother doesn't like to help me, so I will JUST HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF! Uggg!" All in reference to the fact that she wanted to play Madagascar on Kyle's PS2 and he did not want to go downstairs to put it in for her.

When I told Kyle this he said, "yeah, you should have seen her...she comes to me with hands on her hips and accused me before she even asked!" Can you see the man and woman of the future here? I can. It seems a little frightening right now for a future husband for Abby, but hopefully she will change a bit! (LOL) BTW - Kyle did go put the game in for her when I asked. I admit, Abby demands more than she remembers to say the magic word in a nice tone, the latter of which usually gets some results.

Kyle has been enormously helpful this summer. Now that the pool is up he is the official water skimmer...cleaning bugs and other debris out of the pool before we all go in. He is also very good at noticing plants in need of water and helps me with that - woo hoo!

I leave for Chicago in a few more days - Craft and Hobby Association Show...for all my family and friends who have no idea what CHA stands for. I wanted to be so organized with lists and charts..but so little time left. On Friday I will pretty much be on my own. I will be dropping of sponsorship letters for the Scrapbook Playground. Wendi is not able to go...so disappointed I won't be able to meet her. I look forward to making some follow up contacts for the DT. I also plan to scout product for Selah Scrappers.

Then on Saturday I hook up with Stephanie Fearn for Selah, and it is my hope to lead her to the booths with product that I feel we must have, or totally inspired me on Friday. I even altered a pretty little notebook to write down kit ideas, sketches, product mixes and coordinates - so hey, even if I don't know what I am doing perhaps I will look like I do. (LOL)

I am really looking forward to meeting friends from the boards. Especially Deb from Scraptalk, Kitty, Kim, Crystle, Kelli and others I have noted on a chart as to where they will be when. I am really counting on my new Ryka walking shoes to get me through the three days, and plan to just stay on Aleve the entire time so my hip doesn't act up and put me out of commission. Prayers for my bod to make it through CHA would be appreciated. (LOL) ALso, please keep Jesse in prayer as he plays mom and dad for several days. I don't expect the house to get cleaned, but I do know he will play with the kids and feed them. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father of my kids - thank you Lord!

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